Rad Combats Oxidation with Lemon Balm

Rad Natural Technologies Ltd., Israel, introduces an advanced formulation of lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) extract as part of its OriganoxTM line to combat oxidation in food. The natural lemon balm formula is a powerful antioxidant that opens up new opportunities for protecting delicate tasting foods without any effect on the primary taste.

Oxidation processes in food lead to organoleptic deterioration in taste, color and texture. The food industry seeks natural solutions to extend the shelf life of milder-tasting products while maintaining product freshness and delicious taste.

Traditional natural antioxidants, for example rosemary extracts that provide this solution in meat and savory applications, have a strong taste and are not applicable to more delicate applications such as sweet or neutral bakery goods and snacks. To overcome this challenge, Rad has selected superior varieties of lemon balm (melissa) to create its unique OriganoxTM formulation which is both very mild in taste and highly effective.

The new OriganoxTM is an all-natural, solvent-free product that enables producers to offer a clean-label declaration and fresher and longer shelf-life for products. This new formulation is covered by four registered patents.

“We designed a healthy solution for protecting food quality and extending shelf life, without affecting product taste,” says Rina Reznik, Ph.D., co-principal and CEO of Rad. “In baking, high temperatures influence the fatty acids and accelerate the oxidation processes. Vitamin E or synthetic antioxidants are less effective than OriganoxTM at extending product freshness and shelf-life. Rad’s new formulation shows excellent performance in baked or fried snacks – the types of product that are highly susceptible to oxidation threat due to extreme processing conditions and large surface areas. We measured and analyzed its effectiveness in a wide range of food applications and the results show outstanding performance of the new product.”

Rad is a research-dedicated company focused on innovative patented solutions for natural antioxidation management, improving food quality and enhancing health. Its flagship OriganoxTM brand is a line of powerful antioxidants based on different natural extracts specifically designed to fight oxidation in food and can be taken daily as health supplements. Rad combines extensive know-how and a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory that specializes in tracking and testing oxidation processes in food and other applications for successful reformulation and development of new formulations.

For further information, please contact:
Naomi Dauber
Product Manager - Origanox
Tel: +972 3 904 9440
Fax: +972 3 904 9441
Email: [email protected]

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