Rakesh Amin Speaks to Canadians About The U.S.

(Chicago, IL) October 21, 2002 -- Rakesh Amin, principal at the law firm of Amin Law, presented Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods: U.S. FDA and FTC Regulatory Landscape at the Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network, 5th Conference and Annual General Meeting on October 21, 2002 at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Amin provided information on the regulatory frameworks for functional foods and dietary supplement products in the U.S. The seminar assisted companies in taking advantage of key marketing opportunities and avoiding regulatory pitfalls, as well as helping firms formulate an informed regulatory compliance strategy focusing on DSHEA, NLEA, New Dietary Ingredients, GRAS Notices and various types of permissible claims. Recent FDA, FTC and Customs enforcement activity was discussed as well as new Bioterrorism Bill requirements such as mandatory FDA registration of food facilities and prior notice of imported food shipments.

Amin, a founding partner at the Chicago, IL-based law firm of Amin Law and well-known expert in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) state and federal regulatory and litigation issues, embarked on a series of international seminar appearances to discuss dietary supplement industry issues. He provides legal counsel regarding food, drug, cosmetic, biotechnology research and development, medical devices, product approval process, good manufacturing practices, labeling, health claims, advertising and inspection matters. Amin also works with companies in the areas of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing, contracts and business transaction and litigation matters.

For additional legal information, contact Amin Law at (312) 701-0844 or visit the web site at www.amin-law.com.

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