Relora® – Targeting the Effects of Stress -Related Eating Patterns Safely and Naturally


  • Relora® is a significant advance in the supplement market providing the benefits of an effective anti-stress product with the added advantage of addressing stress-driven eating patterns.
  • Relora® is the first and only botanical extract complex containing a proprietary blend of patent-pending biologically active extracts from Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officinalis that have been clinically shown to normalize hormone levels associated with the accumulation of body fat and stress-induced eating behaviors.
  • 78% of subjects taking Relora® felt more relaxed and 74% of subjects reported having a more restful sleep in a study completed with 50 subjects suffering from anxiety and/or nervousness.
  • Relora® is not a stimulant- on the contrary; it offers a relaxing effect without the associated drowsiness common in sedative medications. RESULT: A greater sense of well-being, restful sleep, and a natural and healthful reduction in stress-relating eating behaviors.
  • Select fractions of the herbs found in Relora® demonstrate a collective affinity for express neurotransmitter- allied receptors associated with anxiolytic actions in the body.
  • Relora® offers an intelligent approach to maintaining normal and healthy weight in individuals suffering from stress-related eating, targeting emotional and physical aspects of healthy weight management.
  • Relora® works to reverse the effects of “high cortisol (stress-related hormone) reactivity.” RESULT: a reduction in food consumption, less stress and an improved mood.
  • Researchers and clinicians worldwide are demonstrating the clear link between stress and excess body fat, immune dysfunction, heart disease and other age-related disorders. Relora® offers a proven safe and non-sedating means of reducing stress in as little as 2 weeks.
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