Renaissance Herbs Offers, XanoMax(TM) 'Mangosteen' Extract

Chatsworth, CA-- Renaissance Herbs, Inc. has added XanoMax™ to their line of innovative botanical extracts. XanoMax™ is an extract of the fruit “mangosteen” (Garcinia mangostana) — renowned in Southeast Asia as the “queen of the fruits.” The product is standardized by HPLC to mangostin, one of a family of active compounds found in the fruit known as xanthones. Three grades are available: Water soluble 1% mangostin, water soluble 10% mangostin and a cosmetic grade standardized to contain 40% mangostin.

XanoMax™ was designed as a superior antioxidant and immune tonic. Tests of XanoMax™ 10% revealed an ORAC value of 2,574, extremely high compared to other fruits. In vitro tests have shown that the constituent xanthone “Gammamangostin” is a more potent antioxidant than vitamin E. Tests also show that the related parent compound, mangostin, inhibits the oxidation of LDL-cholesterol and the activity of PGE2, COX-1, and COX-2 (prostaglandin E2 and cyclooxygenases-1 and -2), key factors involved in inflammatory conditions.

Renaissance Herbs, Inc. ( is an American company dedicated to the research and development of the finest and most innovative botanical health care products available today. Our 50,000 square foot factory and R & D Center in Bangalore, India, is built to exacting standards where we provide manufacturers with potent, standardized botanical extracts backed by Good Manufacturing Practices.

The company was founded in 1990 by Alex Moffett and maintains offices in Los Angeles, California; Bangkok, Thailand; and Bangalore, India.

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