Renaissance Herbs Presents Current Research: Andrographis Extract for Cold & Flu

Chatsworth, CA--Renaissance Herbs announces high-potency extracts of Andrographis (Andrographis paniculata) for use in cold & flu formulas. Standardized by HPLC to andrographolides, these extracts are available in grades of 10% and 50%. Andrographis is an extremely bitter-tasting shrub with a substantial history of traditional use in India, China and Thailand.

In the US, publication of placebo-controlled clinical studies on Andrographis for symptoms of the common cold and flu has prompted pharmacists to refer to the herb as ‘Indian Echinacea’. Double-blind, randomized controlled clinical trials of Andrographis in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections (cold, flu, and pharyngitis) demonstrated that whether used alone or in herbal combination formulas, the herb was significantly more effective than placebo. For example, in Sweden, a study of 50 adults diagnosed with the common cold found that compared to placebo the group taking an extract of Andrographis (standardized to contain andrographolides) had significantly fewer sick leave days and significantly more of them experienced less severity of symptoms. The percentage of patients who found themselves completely recovered by day 5 of the treatment period was also significantly greater in the Andrographis group: 67% vs. 36% (Melchior et al.,

A larger study of Andrographis against the common cold (randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled) in Chile and Sweden in 158 adults also found significant benefits. Noticeable improvements started at day 2 of treatment; both the intensity and prevalence of symptoms were significantly reduced by day 4; and there were no adverse effects. Significant reductions in symptoms compared to placebo were found in soreness of the throat, nasal secretion, cough intensity, cough frequency, expectoration, headache, earache, fatigue, and sleep disturbance (Cáceres et al.,1999).

Similar results are reported in a number of placebo-controlled clinical trials of Andrographis for symptoms of the common cold, whether used alone (Hancke et al., 1995), or in combination with eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) (Spasov et al., 2004; Gabrielian et al., 2002; Melchior et al., 2000). Clinical studies comparing Andrographis alone to a prescription drug (paracetamol) in the treatment of flu symptoms (Thamlikitkul et al., 1991) and combined with eleuthero versus amantadine (Kulichenko et al., 2003) also reported excellent results.

Renaissance Herbs Andrographis is a pure, solvent-free powder extract made from wildcrafted whole plants.

Renaissance Herbs, Inc. ( is an American company dedicated to the research and development of the finest and most innovative botanical health care products available today. Our 50,000 square foot factory and R & D Center in Bangalore, India provides manufacturers with potent, standardized
botanical extracts backed by Good Manufacturing Practices. The company was founded in 1990 by Alex Moffett and maintains offices in Los Angeles, California, Bangkok, Thailand and Bangalore, India.

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