ReNew Life launches no-refrigeration probiotics

ReNew Life launches no-refrigeration probiotics

Three Ultimate Flora RTS formulas, targeted for women, colon care and daily use, retain potency without refrigeration.

ReNew Life introduces three new potent, no-refrigeration-required probiotic formulas to natural health retailers’ shelves: Ultimate Flora RTS (Room Temperature Strains) Daily Probiotic, Women’s Probiotic and Colon Care Probiotic.

Convenience without the sacrifice
Probiotic storage is a much-debated topic among supplement takers, with some weighing in on the side of refrigeration-only products and others preferring the convenience of a non-refrigerated probiotic.
“We set out to offer both types of consumers the benefits they’re looking for with our new Ultimate Flora RTS formulas,” says Brenda Watson, national PBS health educator and President of ReNew Life. “We understand all too well these concerns. People don’t want to sacrifice potency or superior and effective probiotic strain combinations for a no-refrigeration probiotic option. Now they don’t have to.”

ReNew Life’s new Ultimate Flora RTS line is full of probiotic benefits:

  • Higher potency at 15 billion cultures in every capsule
  • 3 unique formulas for various health needs
  • Delayed release technology that resists harsh stomach acid
  • Double foil sealed blister packs to protect probiotics from light, moisture and air
  • No refrigeration required for easy travel and storage

A formula for every body
Ultimate Flora RTS formulas all feature 15 billion cultures per capsule and are blended to address specific health needs:

  • Daily Probiotic features 10 Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotic strains at a balanced 50/50 ratio to support digestive and immune health in both the small and large intestines.
  • Women’s Probiotic is a unique all-Lactobacillus blend that promotes the most prevalent type of beneficial bacteria in the vagina to help support balanced levels of vaginal yeast and urinary health.
  • Colon Care Probiotic contains 6 strains of essential Bifidobacteria, the native bacteria found in the colon and the type that most often declines with age. This product is formulated to support regular, healthy bowels and colon health.
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