Renewal Laboratories announces first all-natural omega-3 bottled teas

Renewal Laboratories announced the first ever, all natural bottled teas with omega3 fatty acids.

Renewal Laboratories announced the first ever, all natural bottled teas with omega3 fatty acids. Our revolutionary bottled teas are offered with high purity fish oil in refreshing sweetened and unsweetened flavors. Fish oil is the ideal source for the heart healthy EPA and DHA omega3 fatty acids found to be effective in lowering blood triglycerides and protecting against cardiovascular disease. Renewal's innovative NatureFormed™ technology has enabled a line of refreshing bottled teas that can help people get heart healthy doses of omega3s in a great tasting format that will appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Renewal Laboratories' patent pending process harnesses the natural power of molecular self assembly to transform fish oil into stable water soluble microparticles without using any chemical additives. Our process eliminates the need for the artificial emulsifiers or detergents added by other manufacturers, resulting in a healthier, more natural product with great consumer appeal. Using only the highest quality ingredients, the Renewal products are low calorie, all natural, and can be certified organic.

The Renewal process enables healthy teas and other functional drinks with significant doses of omega3s, naturally delivered.

Renewal Laboratories is a privately held biomaterials company with a focus on developing new products for the food and beverage industries. The company is looking for partners who would like to add its innovative products to their product lines. Interested parties may contact Dr. Donald Ackley at 858-847-7300, [email protected] or visit for more information.

*Statements made about the benefits of these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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