Research Examines Effect of Enzymotec Product on Children's Cognitive Performance

A recent clinical study conducted at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, has demonstrated the potential of a natural, safe and effective alternative to those who are concerned from the psychiatric stimulators commonly used for ADHD treatment. "In this double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, performed on 90 ADHD children, we have shown that a daily consumption of a unique natural lipid-based carrier, led to a significant improvement of their cognitive performance, as observed by the TOVA(R) test scores" says Dr. Dori Pelled, Director of Clinical Research at Enzymotec. "The fact that this novel ingredient is based on decades of research in the field of brain-lipids and their relation to cognition, leads us to high confidence in these results" concludes Dr. Pelled. The TOVA(R) (Test for Variables of Attention) test measures concentration.

Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common chronic disorder in children. It affects roughly 4-7% of the children population, and is thought to accompany 50-60% of the children even after maturation. "Until today no one has been able to explain the rapid emergence and growth of this indication" says Enzymotec CEO, Dr. Ariel Katz. The use of ADHD drugs (mainly Ritalin and Concerta) is strongly criticized by parents who resent their sedative effect and fear that it will have a negative impact on the child's self-image and normal maturation. Additional concerns are their side-effects which are mainly loss of appetite and troubled sleep.

"We are certain that the market is ready for an effective, safe and science-based supplement. Unfortunately, so far supplements such as iron or DHA have shown marginal effect only. In our study we have used a chocolate spread for delivering our ingredient to the kids, so we are confident that our novel supplement can be delivered in a variety of user-friendly forms appealing to kids such as syrups or chewable tablets" concludes Dr.Katz.

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, developing bio-functional nutraceuticals among which are: SharpPS for improving cognitive performance in the elderly, InFat for balanced nutrition in infant formulas and CardiaBeat targeted at heart health.

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