Research published on Health Enhancement Products' ProAlgaZyme

Research published on Health Enhancement Products' ProAlgaZyme

Data suggest that dietary intake of the algal extract results in improved cholesterol distribution in hamsters.

Arizona-based algae producer Health Enhancement Products Inc. (HEPI) was notified by Dr. Smiti Gupta, associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Wayne State University that research conducted by her team has been published in the Journal of Nutrition & Dietary Supplements (Volume 2012:4), an international, peer-reviewed journal focused on academic research.

The articles is titled “ProAlgaZyme and its sub-fractions increase plasma HDL-cholesterol via up regulation of ApoA1, ABCA1 and SRB1 and inhibition of CETP in hypercholesterolemic hamsters”, was authored by the team of Andreea Geamanu, Nadia Saadat, Arvind Goja, Monika Wadehra, Xiangming Ji and Smiti V. Gupta, all researchers associated with the Smiti Gupta laboratory at Wayne State University. Wayne State University is one of the nation’s pre-eminent public research universities in an urban setting, ranking in the top 50 in R&D expenditures of all public universities by the National Science Foundation. 

"Our data suggests that dietary intake of the algal extract ProAlgaZyme and its specific sub-fractions result in an improved cholesterol distribution in hamsters, primarily via its effects on multiple gene targets in the HDL (or reverse cholesterol transport) pathway,” states Dr. Gupta. “Thus the potential for ProAlgaZyme to raise HDL, i.e. the 'good' cholesterol, warrants further investigation."

The article covers more than two years of work conducted by Dr. Gupta and her team. She continues to consult and work with HEPI as various compounds and candidate molecules are isolated and analyzed, and is a member of an interdisciplinary working group of scientists and researchers.

HEPI Chief Science Officer Dr. Scott Freeman said: “We congratulate Dr. Gupta and her team for achieving this milestone. These preliminary results commit us to further investigation in order to maximize future market potential.”  

About Health Enhancement Products Inc.
Health Enhancement Products, Inc. is a health & wellness company engaged in the development of natural products derived from algae cultures for use as dietary supplements and food ingredients. The company has developed a portfolio of natural bioactive compounds wholly owned by Health Enhancement Products, protected by patents, patents pending and trade secrets, which are licensed to manufacturers. These natural products are extracted from living algae grown in purified water.


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