RFI introduces FermaPro ingredients

RFI introduces FermaPro ingredients

New line includes fermented cereal grasses, vegetables, fruits, spices and seeds.

RFI has launched a new line of fermented ingredients under the trademark name FermaPro®, which includes fermented cereal grasses, vegetables, fruits, spices and seeds. The process of fermenting foods, both for preservation and to make them more digestible and nutritious, has been around since ancient times. Unfortunately, fermented foods have largely disappeared from the Western diet. From a health standpoint, fermented foods have numerous benefits including improved digestibility and nutrient absorption, plus they introduce helpful probiotics for improved gut health. 

“An example of how fermentation improves digestibility is the fermentation of cereal grasses,” says Jeff Wuagneux, President and CEO of RFI. “While ruminant animals such as cows and horses have a separate gut compartment filled with lactic acid microorganisms to digest the cellulose, humans cannot digest cellulose. Fermenting cereal grasses with lactic acid microorganisms may help break down cereal grasses and make them more digestible.”

RFI’s state-of-the-art fermentation facility can also perform custom fermentation of any dry material such as grains, grasses, seeds, vegetables and fruits using a variety of health-promoting bacterial or yeast cultures. The resulting fermented material is then drum-dried and milled in the same facility.



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