Rimfrost Krill Collection wins NuW Excellence Award for marketing

Rimfrost Krill Collection wins NuW Excellence Award for marketing

Product concept won praise for telling its story with a clear understanding of the health and responsibility aspects of the industry.

Rimfrost Krill Collection has won the prestigious NuW Excellence Award in the Marketing and Positioning Initiative of the Year category as part of the Health Ingredients Europe exhibition.

The awards are organized in conjunction with the Health Ingredient Europe exhibition by UBM (the show organizer) and seek to recognize individuals and businesses for their exemplary work and contribution to the industry. A leading panel of industry experts, who evaluated each entry’s ability to demonstrate product claims and drive innovation, judged the awards.

Sales and marketing manager Even Remøy explains the importance of the competition: “The NuW Excellence Awards were handed out for the first time now, and we believe that it will be recognized throughout our industry and beyond as an acknowledgement of an innovative business idea. The industry experts judging the competition offer a broad and extensive background with which to review entries, and we are honored to have fielded our products in this contest.”

Differentiated from the rest
The product concept of the Rimfrost Krill Collection won praise from the judging panel for having the ambition to tell its story with total openness and with a clear understanding of both health and responsibility aspects of its industry. Rimfrost offers a truly natural product that comes directly from the pristine Antarctic Ocean and is minimally processed to maintain its intrinsic values. The strict regulations and Friend of the Sea certification give transparency and traceability to the Rimfrost Krill Collection while the authenticity and wholesomeness is maintained through the patented on-board processing technology.

Living the story
The NuW awards have offered confirmation that not only is the product concept sound but the company is actually living the story communicated through the marketing. Managing Director of Olympic Seafood AS Bjørnar Kleiven: “We are extremely pleased and truly honoured to have won this award as it reaffirms our efforts are being successful to develop and deliver exceptional products. Our Norwegian roots are firmly ingrained in maritime tradition, and we are very pleased that the products we offer are being recognised at face value for what they are: innovative, authentic and purely krill!“

The Rimfrost Krill Collection is comprised of Rimfrost Genuine Antarctic krill meal, Rimfrost Pristine Antarctic krill powder, and Rimfrost Sublime Antarctic krill oil. The key characteristics of the collection the judges took into consideration are:

  • All ingredients are minimally and gently processed to preserve the krill’s original nutritional values and to keep everything as it is in krill.
  • All products are high in marine omega-3 phospholipids and antioxidant astaxanthin. Pristine and Genuine also contain krill protein.
  • Wide application areas: unlike the narrow application area for krill oils (soft gels), the Rimfrost Krill Collection is easy to apply to a wide range of product formats.


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