Robinson Pharma announces new acid-resistant softgel technology

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) announced a new, patent pending composition and method for the manufacture of enteric softgels. The new invention, trade named ARTcaps, is capable of producing clear enteric softgels that feature novel acid resistant technology, enhanced moisture tolerance and greater shell robustness than other existing technologies.

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) announced a new, patent pending (application # 13/116,943) composition and method for the manufacture of enteric softgels. The ART Caps™ announcement is especially significant for RPI as this adds formulation innovation expertise to the company’s well-established process innovation skill set. This patent pending acid resistant technology for softgel capsules (ART caps™) creates a new gel polymer structure, that resists stomach acid to facilitate the delayed release of the capsules’ active ingredients. RPI had been known as the largest capacity US manufacturer of softgels, a low cost supplier of commodity products of uncompromised quality, and an innovator in Softgel manufacturing processes. This announcement adds delivery system innovation to the company’s credits.

ARTcaps™ is a diversified technology that can produce clear or colored softgels that comply with the USP standard for enteric release and can be manufactured on our state of the art, continuous drying production lines. The new gel polymer structure is applicable to a wide variety of fill materials and does not require additional processing after encapsulation like other enteric softgels. The ARTcaps™ technology has demonstrated superior resistance to moisture over other enteric processes and produces a gelatin shell that is significantly more resistant to both mechanical and acid-induced premature rupture. Initial plans for ARTcaps™ product applications will be for nutritional products, specifically high strength Omega 3 concentrates. Future plans include markets other than the dietary supplement space that has been typically served by RPI.

“The formulation composition and production process resulting in ARTcaps™ was achieved by the RPI technical team to meet the expectations of a new innovation based business model in Robinson Pharma” according to Emadeldin Hassan, Ph.D., General Manager and Chief Scientific Officer for RPI. “Our team worked tirelessly to achieve this important milestone for our company. This is our first technological development and our first step in building the company’s intellectual property.” Dr. Hassan is widely recognized for his innovative delivery system designs. “RPI is a unique organization that supports innovation and rapid paced product development. I am particularly proud of this accomplishment as our team became unified very rapidly and performed at a very high level on our first project.”

“We have begun a new chapter in our business at RPI, this chapter will include product innovation, industry leadership, and the opening of new markets for our company. While we traditionally followed the leaders in dietary supplement market, now is the time that RPI will, through innovation, commitment to quality, and focus on providing maximum value to its customers, emerge as a leader in the delivery system design field,” stated Tuong Nguyen, Founder, President, and CEO of RPI. “We have, for the past few years, focused on being the largest and best priced supplier, and we have been successful. Our strategy of investing in people, systems and equipment has matured. We will maintain these characteristics and build upon our success with a renewed focus on uncompromised quality and product innovation as a way to lead the market.”

“It is clear that our strategy of offering the customer a one-stop-shop that featured unparalleled capacity, low prices, fast turnaround and impeccable quality in nutritional product manufacturing has been successful. Now we will add a new dimension of innovation, and provide products that cannot be obtained anywhere else. This new strategy will help us continue our unprecedented pace of growth” stated Kenn Israel, Vice President of Marketing. “Our team is excited by these technical developments and we look forward to a continued stream of product innovations that will allow our customers to succeed in the marketplace. The ARTcaps™ innovation is compatible with the standards of many quality focused dietary supplement marketers that had concerns about the ingredients used in other types of enteric coatings or were concerned about the robustness of other enteric systems. An added benefit is that the new process is much greener than older technologies as it removes an entire production step and saves almost one third of the energy required to make enteric released products.”

Robinson Pharma Inc. (RPI) is a minority owned, Southern California based full service provider of private label, store brand, and contract manufacturing services for dietary supplements. RPI features the largest soft gel encapsulation capacity in the U.S. with 20 encapsulation and continuous dry lines capable of producing over 12 billion soft gels per year. Additional production capabilities include tablet compression, hard shell capsule filling, enteric coating of soft gels and tablets, custom imprinting, and a range of packaging options including bottles, blister packaging, boxing, and bulk product. Services offered include product development and ingredient sourcing. Robinson Pharma Inc. provides rapid turnaround on all projects and offers highly competitive pricing. Robinson Pharma Inc. maintains 400,000 square feet of production, operations, and warehousing facilities. For more information please visit

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