Robinson Pharma Inc. automates soft gel inspection with Symetix Optyx(R)/SG inspection system

January 23, 2008- Santa Ana, Ca- Robinson Pharma Inc., (RPI) announced that it has upgraded its soft gel inspection capability to a fully automated process using a Symetix optical inspection system. Following their recent plant expansion and cGMP certification by Shuster Labs, RPI continues to improve their productive process and quality assurance systems through strategic investments in operations critical technologies. The Installation of their first Symetix optical inspection system follows RPI’s trend of automation of traditionally manual processes and investment in state-of-the-art capital equipment.

Traditional soft gel inspection SOPs involve human operators visually inspecting hundreds of trays containing thousands of soft gels a day. Operator fatigue and the repetitive nature of the work can lead to sub-optimal performance. The new automated system digitally photographs each soft gel with up to 4 cameras and compares each the set of images to a reference standard image set of an accepted and approved dose. The new system can process up to 1 million doses per hour. The machine can check for irregularities in color, size, shape, width, symmetry, and surface quality, as well as detect foreign objects or flaws such as twinning and rejects unacceptable individual doses with a jet of air as the product moves through the equipment. Symetix provides cGMP compliant inspection and processing equipment to the pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical industries.

RPI president and founder, Tuong Nguyen stated, “Robinson Pharma will lead the industry in our ability to produce high quality soft gels through equipping our highly experienced and motivated staff with the most advanced manufacturing tools available. The addition of our first Symetix machine once again demonstrates our commitment to investing in industry leading technologies and to providing our employees with a safe workplace that supports maximum productivity.” “RPI has been automating and improving on tradition production methods for the past three years”, stated Kenn Israel, Vice President of Marketing. “We were the first company fully to implement continuous automated drying systems and now we will start to eliminate manual inspection. These improvements allow our team to focus on higher value added work and greater quality and productivity”

RPI has aggressive plans to implement additional improvements in 2008 with investments in medicine preparation, encapsulation, and inspection equipment. Already in progress is an implementation program for best-in-class encapsulation equipment from Kamata. Further expenditures will be announced over the coming months in medicine preparation, post encapsulation processing, and inspection equipment.

Robinson Pharma Inc. is a Southern California based, drug licensed and Shuster certified, cGMP compliant full service custom contract manufacturer. RPI features the largest soft gel encapsulation capacity in the US with 22 encapsulation lines producing over 12 billion soft gels per year. Production capabilities include tablet compression, capsule filling, custom imprinting, and a range of packaging options including bottles, blister packaging boxing, and bulk product. Additional services include product development and ingredient sourcing as well as extensive analytical capabilities. Robinson Pharma Inc. provides rapid turnaround on all projects and offers highly competitive pricing. Robinson Pharma Inc. maintains 400,000 square feet of production, operations, and warehousing facilities. For more information please email [email protected], Phone (714) 241-0235 or visit

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