Roche Vitamins Becomes U.S. Distributor of Lonza Niacin USP for Food and Beverage Fortification

(March 11, 2003) – Roche Vitamins, the worldwide leader in food and beverage fortification, has announced finalization of an agreement with the Lonza Group stipulating Roche as a distributor of Lonza Niacin USP within the United States. The agreement will expand the Roche Vitamins product offering and bring the company’s vast resources to food and beverage manufacturers who are seeking to make Niacin a healthful ingredient in their formulations.

Roche Vitamins has a history of innovation in clinical health and nutrition dating back more than a century. Drawing upon the company’s scientific health background and its extensive product development capabilities, Roche technical experts can assist food and beverage makers on a one-to-one basis in creating Niacin USP-fortified applications that can deliver exceptional consumer appeal.

Under terms of the agreement, Lonza has discontinued direct sales and distribution of its Niacin USP food fortification product in the United States and Roche Vitamins has become a distributor of the product. In addition, Roche Vitamins has made Lonza its sole provider of Niacin USP for food use in the U.S.

All current Lonza food fortification and enrichment customers who are interested in purchasing Niacin USP should contact their Roche Vitamins representative or the Roche Vitamins Account Management Center at: 800-526-0189.

For further information regarding Niacin USP and the diverse ways in which Roche Vitamins can assist food and beverage makers in developing and marketing products fortified with the ingredient, please contact Roche Vitamins Inc. at 45 Waterview Boulevard, Parsippany, New Jersey, 07054-1298.

Phone: 1-800-526-0189. Fax: 973-257-8675. Or visit

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