Roquette innovation honored for 'VegBoost' concept

Roquette innovation honored for 'VegBoost' concept

Roquette’s “VegBoost” ready-to-drink beverage concepthas won at two major food industry events for its innovative taste and nutrition qualities.

Roquette’s “VegBoost” ready-to-drink beverage concept, based on NUTRALYS® pea protein GulFood trade showand NUTRIOSE® fibre, has just been awarded two prizes. They were won at two major food industry events at which VegBoost was recognized for its innovative taste and nutrition qualities.

“VegBoost” first award was won at the GulFood trade show in Dubai (held 27 February—2 March this year), in the “health food or beverage ingredient” category. Over 150 companies from 23 countries participated in the competition. The jury praised “VegBoost” not only for its innovative nutritional and gustatory qualities, but also for its environmental credentials.

Subsequently “VegBoost” was nominated at the CFIA (Agribusiness Suppliers Forum) Innovation Awards held in Rennes, France 11 – 15 March this year. VegBoost was picked from 22 candidates in the PIA (Intermediate Food Products) ingredients category.

“VegBoost” was originally unveiled at the Vitafoods 2010 exhibition. It is a patented 100% GulFood trade showplant-based “milk” beverage concept, a source of fibre, and free of lactose, gluten, isoflavones and GMOs. The more neutral taste of the NUTRALYS® pea protein enables, in association with the pear-vanilla flavouring, to obtain a smooth plant-based beverage.

The performance of the formulation is further enhanced with maize-based NUTRIOSE® FM10 prebiotic fibre. Also neutral in taste, the latter builds in texture and body, reproducing the appealing smoothness of milk.

Roquette created “VegBoost” to broadcast the benefits of its NUTRALYS® pea protein to the food industry. Roquette believes that “VegBoost” opens up innovation opportunities in the ready-to-drink field. For instance, the unflavoured version can be used successfully for making ice cream, desserts and much more—the possibilities are literally endless. Roquette’s development teams continue to explore the nutritional and application possibilities of the NUTRALYS® protein range and plan to unveil other recipes and concepts in the coming months.

The Roquette Group

Roquette is a private family business. With 78 years of experience to its name, it is the world leader in polyols and one of the major global players in the starch field (no.2 in Europe and no.4 internationally). The Group is represented in 30 locations worldwide, including 18 production plants. It employs over 6,000 people, of which 3,600 work in France.

In 2009, its turnover was 2.5 billion Euros and every year it processes about 6 million tonnes of renewable raw materials (maize, wheat, potato, peas and soon micro-algae) to create a range of over 650 starch-derived products for human and animal nutrition, and for the paper/board, pharmacy/cosmetology and biochemistry industries.

Keen to assert its independence and strengthen its leading position whiles both innovating and diversifying, the Roquette Group has chosen to develop in two strategic areas: nutrition-health and vegetal-based chemistry. In this connection, it invests over 40 million euros a year in research and development and more than 10% of its turnover in investment in production facilities.

Roquette is implementing a strategy of sustainable innovation that involves designing and developing ingredients, products and applications that reconcile environmental, economic and societal challenges.

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