Shaklee Corporation Announces Sponsorship of 'The Race Club'

PLEASANTON, Calif., Jun 3, 2004 -- Health and wellness company Shaklee Corporation today announced an agreement to serve as an official sponsor of The Race Club, a company dedicated to promoting elite swimmers vying for a chance to compete at the 2004 games in Athens and beyond.

"Shaklee has a rich history of helping athletes at the top of their game excel at their chosen sport, and we are proud to continue this record by sponsoring The Race Club," said Les Wong, Director of Health Sciences for Shaklee.

In addition to sponsorship, Shaklee will serve as a nutritional consultant to The Race Club swimmers to ensure their peak performance at meets and trial competitions. Company scientists have designed a nutritional program that includes a wide variety of Shaklee sports nutrition and supplement products that will help to maximize each athlete's competitive edge. Weekly conference calls between Shaklee's nutrition professionals and the swimmers will help to fine-tune individual program outcomes, and to date the athletes have already reported positive results such as increased stamina and enhanced sleeping patterns.

Among the swimmers participating in the nutrition program are members of The Race Club's "Circle of Champions," an elite designation given to athletes with top ranking both worldwide and in their own individual country. Circle of Champions members Roland Schoeman (South Africa), Nadine Rolland (Canada), and Sabir Muhammad (USA) are among those who have already experienced improved well-being results. "Our swimmers' performance has been outstanding -- it truly helps to have a sponsor who can help us reach peak condition," said The Race Club Head Coach in Islamorada, Florida Jon Olsen, himself a Circle of Champions member.

"To reach our lofty goals we need safe, clinically proven products that will always pass competition guidelines for purity, and Shaklee's product line definitely delivers," said Gary Hall, an eight-time medalist and cofounder of The Race Club. "We are pleased to have Shaklee's support as we work toward the 2004 games and beyond."

Hall is history's fastest swimmer in organized competition and the third most decorated American medalist in Summer Game history. He competed in the 2000 Olympics after being diagnosed with diabetes and set new records in swimming. Hall and his father, Gary Hall, Sr., could become the first father/son tandem in the history of the Games to each compete in three Olympic Games.

"The Race Club is positioning its swimmers and sponsors to achieve a greater amount of visibility than has ever been accomplished by the sport through unique marketing and media opportunities," said The Race Club's cofounder, David Arluck. "Both Gary and I believe this partnership with Shaklee is an important step in the sport's promotions."

About Shaklee Corporation

For nearly 50 years, Shaklee has been a leading provider of premium quality, natural, environmentally friendly nutrition, personal care, and household products as well as state-of-the art air and water treatment systems. The Shaklee brand is synonymous with high quality and efficacy, representing one of the most well-established names in the nutritional supplement and direct selling industries. With a robust product portfolio, including over 45 patents and patents-pending worldwide, Shaklee operates in Japan, the U.S., Mexico, Malaysia and Canada and has over 700,000 members worldwide. The company is based in Pleasanton, California. For more information, visit

About The Race Club

The Race Club, Inc. was established in September of 2003 by Gary Hall, Jr. (8-time Olympic medalist) and his manager and now business partner, David Arluck. The Club's goal is to promote and present swimmers and swimming events to fans around the world. A component of The Race Club's services to elite swimmers includes camps and clinics that have already produced three swimmers who will be competing at the 2004 games in Athens. You can learn more by visiting or contact David Arluck at (305) 647-3237.

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