The Solae Company Offers New Concentrated Soy Isoflavones for Developers of Dietary Supplements; Offering Marks The Solae Company's Increased Participation in Dietary Supplement Industry

ST. LOUIS--June 4, 2003--The Solae Company today announced that it has begun offering developers of dietary supplements a new line of soy isoflavones in concentrations ranging from 2 percent to 40 percent to be marketed under the Prevastein(R) brand.

"This is an exciting advance for the dietary supplement industry, and is the culmination of more than a decade of work at The Solae Company," said Tony Arnold, CEO of The Solae Company. "This industry has a significant opportunity, bolstered by demographic trends and increased consumer demand for better health and nutrition."

"The Solae Company's new isoflavone offering is the latest result of our extensive research, safety testing and assembly of detailed scientific data on the vital components of the soybean," Arnold said. "We initiated substantial soy research in the early 1990s, when medical research began to point to the efficacy of soy isoflavones in various important medical conditions, including cancer and heart disease."

"With the introduction of Prevastein(R) isoflavone concentrates, The Solae Company looks forward to working with developers of dietary supplements to further build on the large body of scientific data concerning the health benefits of soy components," Arnold said.

The Solae Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, serves food and beverage manufacturers, dietary supplement developers, retailers and consumers in 80 countries worldwide including the United States and Canada, Europe and Middle East, Latin America and the Asia/Pacific region. The company is part of an alliance between Bunge Limited (NYSE:BG) and DuPont (NYSE:DD). The company's business is focused on significantly growing the global business in plant-based, specialty food ingredients, initially addressing soy protein and lecithin, soy isoflavones, and expanded offerings of products and services that help customers compete and prosper.

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