Solbar announces new distributors in Eastern Europe

Solbar has established new distribution channels in the Czech Republic, Slowakia and Poland for its range of specialty soy protein concentrates, isolates and textured products.

These new distribution channels together with the previously announced partnerships are part of Solbar's marketing plan to strengthen its position in the European market.

Progast spol s.r.o. is Solbar's partner in the CzechRepublic and Slowakia. Progast was established in 1991 as a private company oriented to supplying the meat and poultry industry, butchers, smoked meat makers and the food industry in general.

"Solbar's early cooperation with Progast in the '90s formed the basis for the current agreement,” says Gary Brenner, VP Marketing & Sales at Solbar. "From our past experience we know that Progast provides its customers with excellent technical service and institutes strict quality control of raw materials purchased from its suppliers and therefore fits exactly into Solbar's business philosophy."

Regis SP z.o.o., a Polish company founded in 1991, is one of the leading distributors of ingredients for the food processing industry and offers a wide range of products and technical support. In addition, Regis has developed into one of the primary Polish manufacturers of functional and seasoning blends for the meat and poultry industry. "Regis is a valuable addition to our distributor network and will help to reach customers worldwide and build close relationships", explains Brenner.

Solbar Industries Ltd., a global leader in specialty soy proteins & soy isoflavones, strives to achieve even greater quality and service to meet growing regional demands in Europe.

Contact: Gary Brenner
VP Marketing & Sales
Solbar Industries Ltd.
POB 2230 Ashdod 77121 ISRAEL
T +972 8 8632111, F +972 8 8561455
[email protected],

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