SoLo Powered Elite Athletes: The Quest for Beijing and the NBA Title

All-Natural SoLo is Fueling World Class Elite Athletes and Professional Basketball Players with Long-Term Energy, Allowing Them to Push Their Personal Limits to Achieve Greatness on the Road to Qualifying for the 2008 Summer Olympics and the NBA Finals. SoLo’s Steady and Consistent Energy, Great Taste and Palatability, Not to Mention the Good Nutrition – Are the Reasons Why the Worlds Best Athletes Love the SoLo Bars.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 29, 2008 – SoLo Powered elite and professional athletes continue to gain momentum in the competitive and challenging quest for spots on both the Olympic Team and in the NBA finals. Representing their country at the Olympics or respective team in the NBA finals is the pinnacle of success for these world-class athletes and having the correct fueling plan is paramount to achieving success in their sport. SoLo’s Controlled Energy Response™ Technology delivers a slow and steady release of fuel; providing lasting energy and enhanced endurance, allowing the athletes to perform at their best, over extended periods of time. The ease of digestion and palatability also affords the athletes the luxury of eating the bars frequently, providing a steady stream of energy to fuel their rigorous workouts and competition, while avoiding abdominal discomfort in the process.

SoLo Powered Elite Athletes to watch in their quest for the Beijing Olympics are:

1) Canadian Paul Tichelaar is the 5th ranked triathlete in the world and is heading into the World Championships in Vancouver with the confidence of a champion. Canada is one of the strongest triathlon countries in the world, with Sydney Olympic Gold Medalist Simon Whitfield leading the charge. The Vancouver race will be one of Paul’s best chances of making the Olympic dream.

2) Megan Metcalfe, World Ranked Track Runner, recently won the 3000m at the Adidas Track Classic in Carson, California where her time of 8:51.97 was the fastest time in the world in the 2008 outdoor season. Megan will now travel to the competitive outdoor season in Europe to attempt to secure her spot on the Canadian Olympic team.

3) Josh Simpson, Nationally Ranked U.S. Track Runner, achieved the 6th best time in the U.S. this year with 28:22 in the 10 000m. Josh will be heading to the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene Oregon in June, feeling confident that he will make the U.S. Olympic team. Josh will be up against America’s best and needs a top three finish in Oregon to make the team.

“In the sport of triathlon it is vital to have sustained energy throughout the race. SoLo bars have allowed me to find the necessary fuel at the end of races to give me a boost on the run. I need to know that I will be able to perform when needed; eating SoLo bars gives me that confidence and energy late in a race. Thanks SoLo”, said Paul Tichelaar, Triathlete: Ranked 5th in the world, 2nd in Canada

SoLo Powered Professional Basketball (NBA) Teams are a force in both the East and Western Conference NBA Finals. The SoLo Powered San Antonio Spurs are currently playing the L.A. Lakers for the Western Conference Title, while the Boston Celtics are still in contention for the Eastern Title with the Detroit Pistons. The Spurs and Celtics have enjoyed the benefits of SoLo all season and are hoping it will be the nutritional advantage that gets them to the NBA Finals.

Elite and “weekend warrior” athletes alike are realizing the benefits of great-tasting SoLo Bars. They trust that SoLo will keep them powered for longer - to get through a morning workout, training run or endurance event. SoLo’s unique design delivers energy slowly, as working muscles need it - while sparing precious energy reserves at the same time. The all-natural blend of ingredients provides balanced nutrition with slow-burning carbohydrates, protein, dietary fat and fiber – delivering energy slowly. This is the reason why SoLo is quickly becoming the #1 choice among bar users. Available in five great-tasting flavors (Chocolate Charger, Peanut Power, Berry Bliss, Lemon Lift and Mint Mania), SoLo Bars provide 11-13 grams of protein, 24 vitamins & minerals, antioxidants for cell recovery, and a good source of fiber – all without the use of sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors or colors, and hydrogenated oils or trans fats.

About Solo GI Nutrition Inc.

SoLo Bars are available at select Whole Foods Markets, leading natural food stores, fitness centers, bike shops, outdoor shops and online at Solo is committed to developing great tasting products that offer superior food choices to make it easy for consumers to achieve personal goals in physical pursuits and healthy living without sacrificing eating pleasure. As a vertically integrated company, Solo applies its proprietary, patent-pending technology to develop all natural and great tasting food products to enhance performance and promote optimal health. For more information on SoLo Powered nutrition visit SoLo’s Website at or email [email protected].


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