Solublend presents a new way to add fatty acids to functional beverages

Solublend presents a new way to add fatty acids to functional beverages

SoluBlend Technologies will be showcasing its award-winning technology that converts functional fats into water-soluble ingredients at booth #12094 at SupplySide West.

During the Supply Side West Show, Solublend Technologies will be demonstrating a cost-effective way to add efficacious doses of functional fatty acid ingredients without altering the flavor, appearance or texture of the finished product, as well as, launching its new flavor masking technology.

According to SoluBlend Technologies' CEO Richard Staack, PhD, MBA, SoluBlend has raised the bar for traditional lipid soluble technologies and has opened up new applications and opportunities that were once considered off limits.  “Our technology has driven the successful development of new functional food and beverage categories including clear beverages, gummi applications, soups, powders and many others.   With increased ingredient solubility (up to 1000-fold) companies are now able to deliver more efficacious doses in finished products,” Staack says.  “Recent stability testing on numerous fatty acids, has demonstrated that the SoluBlend technologies improve the shelf-life of finished products by protecting omega-3s, resveratrol, vitamin D3, and other functional fatty acid ingredients from oxidation.”

SoluBlend has now developed the technology to incorporate masking flavors within its self-assembly micro-micelle. “This allows us to mask any negative taste that might be coming from the active,” explains Eric Kuhrts, President and Chief Science Officer. “By incorporating our masking technology we are further contributing to a finished product’s acceptability.”

Most recently, SoluBlend received the 2011 Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award.  “This award  presented us with a great opportunity to reach the food and beverage market with information on our technology," Staack says. "We are positioned at the right time and place with our technology because consumers are increasingly looking for functional beverages to deliver health benefits. Essentially, we have created a brand new aisle in beverages—truly functional beverages that now include fat soluble vitamins and functional lipids.”

This year several major beverage companies have launched products that include the SoluBlend technology.  TrueToniqs® launched a next-generation functional health drink, TrimToniq, anappetite management beverage featuring SoluBlend’s unique water-soluble CLA for weight loss.  Assure Food & Beverage also launched two functional drinks, On The Go Kiwi Strawberry for the Heart featuring SoluBlend’s Omega 3 EFAs and Pomegranate BlueBerry containing SoluBlend’s water-soluble CoQ10.  Other launches have included SoluBlend natural vitamin E and trans-resveratrol.  Additional nationwide launches are scheduled for 2011-2012.

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