SourceOne Creates Distinguished Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders lend their considerable expertise to drive success of SourceOne

CHICAGO – Jesse R. Lopez, president and CEO of SourceOne Global Partners, has announced the formation of a strategic advisory board to lead the company, a provider of proprietary branded nutritional ingredients, to achieve impeccable product pipeline fluency and effective scientific communication to developers of dietary supplements and functional foods.

SourceOne is deeply committed to bringing new efficacious proprietary products to market that have a solid foundation of published scientific support and ongoing clinical research conducted by reputable research organizations and universities. The company is also involved in researching, developing and communicating unique positions on sterols, natural vitamin E, tocotrienols, mixed tocopherols and other key bio-actives that are the foundation for their cardiovascular health platform of ingredients. “Going forward in the dietary supplement arena, it is no longer enough to bring qualitative and effective proprietary ingredients to market,” Lopez says. “In this toughening climate of FDA intervention, the responsibility falls squarely on us to ensure full safety, effectiveness and viability to create trust and demand. One way to do this is to enlist direction and advice from standout intellects and pioneers in the field of nutritional research.”

The four-member board includes two men and two women who will separately and collectively advise on such key issues as product development and research, as well as legal and regulatory issues. SourceOne Global Partners’ strategic advisory board is comprised of:

• Manfred Dunker, Ph.D., formerly global vice president of Henkel/Cognis, successfully lead the nutrition and health division in developing the natural vitamin E market, sterols and natural antioxidants research and global business strategies.
• Tony DeLio, was most recently president of Archer Daniels Midland’s ( ADM ) nutrition and health group and corporate VP of marketing. DeLio is skilled at creating penetrating consumer awareness and marketing campaigns such as the ADM d-alpha natural- source vitamin E, sterols, and soy, among others
• Najla Guthrie has an impressive background in university research, and has created a sought-after commercial contract research and product development group, KGK Synergize, where she is the president and CEO
• Julliet Steffe, is an attorney and partner at Unagaretti and Harris in Chicago. She offers strategic marketing, regulatory, and legal insights into new product launches and other corporate development issues.

“These four individuals represent a powerful unit of mentoring and leadership, and I believe the new strategic advisory board will set a new standard in the development and marketing of proprietary branded raw materials for the nutritional supplement and functional foods market,” Lopez asserts.

SourceOne Global Partners represents a new breed of ingredient supplier, partnering with manufacturing clients to introduce powerfully branded, science-driven products to market with a unique product positioning and compelling consumer presence. SourceOne was conceived as a company whose core competence is to integrate legitimate science with strong trade and consumer branding. SourceOne Global Partners cultivates relationships with leading suppliers worldwide to source and offer patented ingredients supported by proprietary science as part of a turnkey marketing program that dramatically increases the odds for marketing success.

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