Soy Labs Sponsors Nutrigenomics Symposium

UC Davis Symposium to Explore the Diet-Gene Paradox

FAIRFIELD, Calif. September 25, 2007 – Soy Labs® is a proud sponsor of the Bruce Ames International Symposium in Nutritional Genomics that will be held October 12-14, in Davis, California. Hosted by the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities (NCMHD) Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics at the University of California, Davis, the event will bring together the nation’s leading researchers in the field of nutritional genomics to share the latest technical innovations, potential applications, and economic impact of nutrigenomics.

The topic of this year’s symposium will be “Resolving the Diet-Gene Paradox.” The relationship between nutrition and health is well-documented one, but the mechanism by which nutrition influences health and disease outcomes is not well understood. This field, called nutrigenomics, is where the Center’s work is focused. Nutrigenomics, a term coined in 1999, studies the interaction of nutrients and genes and how genetic variations cause people to respond differently to food nutrients. Understanding this relationship has the potential to help consumers make the best nutritional choices based on their own genetics and improve overall public health in the long-term.

Dr. Alfredo Galvez, lead scientific advisor for Soy Labs and project scientist for the Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, will give a presentation on diet and epigenetics as it relates to the effect of the Lunasin soy peptide in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Epigenetics is an emerging field of study that seeks to explain the workings of the genetic code beyond DNA.

“At Soy Labs, we specialize in soy peptides and we feel certain that nutrigenomics holds the key to uncovering the link between these peptides, such as Lunasin-XP™ and how they improve health at the genetic level,” stated Soy Labs President Ryan Schmidt. “We anticipate that soy peptides will enhance current products and become the genesis of new products that will help improve the health of consumers everywhere.”

About the Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics at UC Davis
The Center was established through grants from the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities at the National Institutes of Health. The Center uses a multidisciplinary approach to investigate the influence of diet on genes that are known risk factors for health

disparities in various racial and ethnic populations in the U.S. The center director is Dr. Raymond L. Rodriguez, professor of molecular biology at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Bertram Lubin, president and director of medical research at Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, is the Center's co-director. For more information on the Nutritional Genomics Symposium please visit,

About Soy Labs, LLC
Soy Labs is the premier soy peptide ingredient supplier to the nutrition industry. The company spearheads research and develops proprietary, soy-based ingredients for inclusion in soyfoods, nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, functional foods and beverages. Its flagship product, Lunasin-XP™, is a powerful cholesterol-lowering soy peptide. Soy Labs is affiliated with 1Soy™, a nonprofit soy farmer cooperative based in Missouri and is the recipient of three grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The company actively supports both the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association. For more information about the Soy Labs family of products and its research, visit the web site at

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