Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. Announces Winners of 2004 Golden Egg Awards(TM) at 2005 NBJ Newport Summit

Awards Presented to Nutrition Bar that Helps Manage Blood Sugar and Nutraceutical that Reduces the Effects of Stress

BOCA RATON, FL, July 21, 2005- Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc., a leading nutrition technology commercialization firm, today announced the winners of the 2004 Golden Egg Awards™ at the 8th Annual NBJ/Newport Summit – a retreat sponsored by the Nutrition Business Journal for leaders in the nutrition and natural products industry. Recognizing the need to cultivate and acknowledge innovation in the nutrition field, the Golden Egg Awards were presented to Solo GI™ Low Glycemic Nutrition Bars as Most Innovative Product and Sensoril® as the Most Innovative Bulk Ingredient.

The Golden Egg Awards are presented annually to an ingredient supplier and a consumer brand company that have launched the most ground-breaking products of the year in the nutraceutical product category.

“We are proud to honor the 2004 Golden Egg Awards winners, who have brought innovation to invention,” states Greg Horn, president of Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. “Solo GI™ Bars were presented as the most innovative new consumer product because the great tasting bars have been scientifically researched for over 10 years, resulting in the first clinically validated low Glycemic Index (GI) line of nutrition bars. They provide a safe, healthy alternative snack for people trying to manage their blood sugar levels.”

“We are thrilled that Solo GI bars are being recognized as the most innovative product,” says Saul Katz, president and CEO of Solo GI Nutrition, Inc. “Low glycemic nutrition is the natural evolution of the low-carb trend, and the key to resolving the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes. Because ‘taste rules,’ we made the Solo GI bars indulgent, bringing consumers a nutritionally balanced and great tasting bar. Four delicious flavors, made with a proprietary blend of good fats, good protein and dietary fiber, make it easy for consumers to adopt a healthy low glycemic lifestyle and manage their blood sugar, energy levels, cravings and ultimately, their health,” explains Katz.

Horn awarded NutraGenesis LLC, creators of Sensoril®, with the 2004 Golden Egg Award for the most innovative bulk ingredient. “We chose Sensoril because it provides a sound nutritional solution to an important health issue many of us face on a daily basis--stress.”

“We at NutraGenesis are extremely honored to be the recipient of the Golden Egg Award for the most innovative new bulk ingredient,” says Suzanne McNeary, president of NutraGenesis, LLC. “Sensoril is an exciting ingredient because it possesses all the key components required to be a market superstar. It is an all-natural nutraceutical ingredient designed to help the body cope with the effects of stress, tension and fatigue. Sensoril’s essential attributes include a well defined chemical composition; multiple U.S. Patents; substantiated structure and function claims for heart health, mental cognition, stress, energy, glucose release and weight management; an excellent safety profile; and human clinical research, which supports the health benefits associated with the product,” concludes McNeary.

Judging criteria to identify the ideal nutraceutical product include:
1. Safe for human use.
2. Proven efficacy in humans for intended use.
3. Intended use addresses a meaningful health issue.
4. Protected intellectual property (patent applied or awarded).
5. Economically viable and commercially available.

Submissions for the 2005 Golden Egg Awards will be accepted by e-mail to [email protected] or regular mail through April 30, 2006. The application is available online at www.specialtynutrition.com.


Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc. is a nutrition brand building firm focused on commercializing innovative, IP-protected nutritional technologies. SNG acts as co-development partner with large consumer products and nutrition companies to rapidly commercialize nutrition innovations, represents academic institutions and individual inventors to find new commercial applications for their inventions, and develops its own brands for commercial launch in the nutraceutical market. The professionals of Specialty Nutrition Group™ have been responsible for launching new nutraceuticals products with current annual retail sales of over $1 billion. For more information please visit www.specialtynutrtion.com.

Media Contact: Irina Lorenzi

Specialty Nutrition Group, Inc.

(561) 447-4445 Ext. 102

[email protected]

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