Spirit of Women, a Guiding Force Behind Branding Women¹s Wellness

Cleveland, OH, March 2004 -- Spirit of Women gathered leaders in today¹s wellness and health industry together at the Natural Product Expo West tradeshow in Anaheim, California to educate them about branding women¹s wellness and reaching this fast growing market. In order to achieve the most effective women¹s wellness campaign, representatives from marketing, media, and healthcare industries learned specifically how not only to target their female audience, and to understand the particular wants, needs, and attitudes of each individual female customer.

Spirit of Women, a hospital network dedicated to helping women make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their families, has become an influential advocate for women¹s health in the United States. Partnered with ADinfinitum, a full service marketing and public relations agency that offers communication, consulting, creative services, this team serves as a superb vehicle for the promotion of the women¹s wellness market.

Starting off the seminar, Sue Taggart, CEO of ADinfinitum and President of Women¹s Marketing Group, specializing in marketing and branding to women in all industries spoke passionately to an attentive audience about "The Art and Practice of Branding to Women." She comments, "One of the biggest mistakes advertisers make is to not differentiate between marketing to men and marketing to women. Women have become the most powerful force in the consumer marketplace, contributing $2.4 trillion out of the total $3 trillion in consumer spending. Therefore, companies must build a trustworthy relationship with women, which includes listening to and understanding their needs and speaking directly to them."

Tanya Abreu, National Director of Spirit of Women then delivered the organization¹s mission to emphasize total well-being of the body, mind, and spirit and to move women to good health through the individual efforts of hospitals across the country. She also attested that Spirit of Women along with their corporate partnerships could be a successful means for reaching the women¹s wellness market. Ms. Abreu says, "With the combined efforts of health and wellness companies and the Spirit of Women hospital network, more women can ultimately be reached through greater grassroots marketing, public relations, and advertising tactics."

By introducing Spirit of Women to the representative companies, Ms. Abreu was also able to demonstrate how partnering with the organization could be beneficial to branding to women. Companies learned that by joining forces with Spirit of Women, they would also be teaming up with hospitals throughout the U.S. and, in turn reach a greater audience. Spirit of Women would also help companies educate women about good health and how their products could contribute, present research to doctors and clinicians, influence purchasing decisions of women and ultimately increase brand credibility.

Also at the seminar, Linda Kahler, President of Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, was honored with the first Spirit of Women Wellness Award. Since January 2003, Rainbow Light has been a sponsor with the Spirit of Women organization and has been dedicated to educating and guiding women toward healthy lifestyles. Together, they created the "Looking Good, Feeling Great" campaign, incorporating educational seminars about the benefits of multi-vitamins at hospitals in the Spirit of Women network. Rainbow Light has been an excellent model and an inspiration to other companies who are looking for ways to help women make healthy choices.

Among the attendees at the Branding Women¹s Wellness seminar were natural product industry leaders: Traditional Medicinals, Softgel, Pharmavite, Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, and Herbacin. Representing the media were KB Media, Health Supplement Retailer and Psychology Today magazine. Guests of the event were later invited to share branding ideas and strategies with colleagues over tapas and refreshing pomegranate drinks as well as to engage in a one-on-one brainstorming session with Ms. Abreu.

By the end of the seminar, several companies expressed interest in learning more about the Spirit of Women network and how they can join efforts to build the most effective and progressive branding for the women¹s wellness market sector. "This is just the beginning," says Abreu. "Branding to women in any industry is sure to continue to grow and become a strong movement for marketers. Through the partnerships formed with Spirit of Women and natural product companies, it is certain that we will see advancements in the health and wellness industry."

Spirit of Women is a national initiative comprised of hospitals, physicians, consumers, and corporate sponsors brought together to motivate women to make healthy changes in their lives. The organization is a growing network of more than 125 hospitals and health care systems across the country anchored by Spirit of Women National Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to advocacy, education and research in women¹s health. The Spirit of Women network is joined in a mission to improve the health of American women and their families. For more information on Spirit of Women, visit www.spiritofwomen.org.

For further information on Spirit of Women programs and sponsorship opportunities contact Melody Morrow at 212-693-2150, ext. 303 or e-mail [email protected].

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