SPL Launches Synergized® Certified Organic, CO2-Dried 100% Grass Juice Powders

In an effort to fill a tremendous gap in the industry, Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL), Moab, UT, has spent the last several years developing a line of premium, certified organic and kosher cereal grass juice powders under the Synergized® brand name. All products are dried using a proprietary CO2-drying method that offers a truly comparable, but economic, alternative to freeze-drying.

Harvested at their optimal stage of growth, the grasses are immediately juiced and then dried at low temperatures using a modified atmosphere of carbon dioxide. Because the product is not exposed to oxygen or heat, the resultant powders are enzymatically-active (including the sensitive enzyme SOD), retain their nutritional potency and contain much higher than average levels of chlorophyll and enzymes.

The Synergized® organic and kosher grasses are 100% grass juice, contain no carrier and are vacuum packed to further preserve and protect the vital nutritional components of the material. The range currently includes wheat, kamut, oat, alfalfa and barley grass juice powders. Soluble in liquid, the powders can be used for powdered drink mixes or smoothies, tablets or capsules and bar applications.

About us:
The Synergy Company/Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL), Moab, Utah, is a grower, processor and manufacturer of organic, whole-food Synergized® raw materials and nutritional supplement products. Synergy raw materials and products are all-natural, certified organic and kosher and have no excipients, additives or fillers. Contact SPL at www.synergyproductionlaboratories.com; 435-259-4787.

For more information:
Ellen Schutt, Director of Sales and Marketing
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 973-938-1830

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