Standard process Introduces Gotu Kola Complex

Standard Process Inc.® proudly introduces Gotu Kola Complex, the newest herbal supplement created by MediHerb®, an Australian herbal products company. Our bodies have an amazing ability for regeneration, continually repairing and maintaining themselves throughout our lives. Gotu Kola Complex is an innovative product designed to support the body’s natural tissue repair process.

Available exclusively through MediHerb's United States distributor, Standard Process, Gotu Kola Complex provides a synergistic combination of Gotu Kola herb, Grape Seed and Ginkgo concentrated extracts. This unique product also helps support all types of connective tissues throughout the body including skin, stomach and duodenal tissue.

Healthy circulation also plays a vital role in supporting the body’s natural capacity to heal. Grape Seed supports vascular integrity, and Ginkgo supports peripheral circulation. This exciting product additionally provides antioxidant protection and promotes the body’s normal tissue drainage process.

Standard Process exclusively distributes MediHerb's dietary herbal supplements in the United States. The companies partnered in 2001 to provide U.S. health care professionals with the very best in nutritional whole food and herbal supplements.

For more information on the nutritional benefits of Gotu Kola Complex, visit

About Standard Process Inc.®

For more than 75 years, Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high quality, nutritional whole food supplements. Standard Process is involved in every step of production. The company grows crops on company-owned, organically certified farmland, utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and employs the highest quality control standards. Standard Process strictly adheres to the Food and Drug Administration's good manufacturing practice requirements. Through these measures, Standard Process can ensure that its products are of the utmost quality and potency.

Standard Process offers more than 300 products through three product lines: Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas™, and MediHerb® herbal supplements. The products are available only through health care professionals. The company continuously researches and develops new whole food nutritional products to address patient needs.

For additional information about Standard Process, contact Tammi Geiger, director of marketing, or visit

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