Stratum International launches heart-health ingredient - Booth #530

Stratum Nutrition, a Novus International Business that focuses on human nutrition through functional and specialty ingredients, introduces ARTINIA(TM), a patent-pending vegetarian ingredient that combines benefits of both soluble and insoluble fibers to promote arterial health. Studies have shown that ARTINIA supports the body's natural antioxidant system to help defend against the damaging effects of free radicals and oxidized low- density lipoprotein (LDL).

"ARTINIA is unique in its mode of action for improving overall heart health, and we feel that there is a strong need in the marketplace for this type of scientifically-validated ingredient," said Jeremy Moore, Director of Marketing for Stratum Nutrition. "ARTINIA is an excellent option for manufacturers looking to take a new approach to support clean, healthy arteries and overall cardiovascular health."

A clinical trial study showed that ARTINIA lowered triglyceride levels in the blood, as well as decreased oxidized LDL(1). Additionally, another study has shown that ARTINIA effectively protects cells and tissues from oxidative stress and decreases lipid deposits in arteries. Stratum will continue to conduct clinical research on ARTINIA in order to strengthen the science supporting its heart health benefits.

ARTINIA is extracted from a renewable, vegetarian source, and is non- allergic and non-GMO. ARTINIA is also produced in adherence to stringent ISO-9001:2008, GMP and HACCP guidelines, and is Halal and Kosher certified. Visit Stratum Nutrition at booth #530.

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