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Stratum Nutrition celebrates World Egg Day

Stratum Nutrition celebrates World Egg Day
A St. Louis elementary school will celebrate a Novus-sponsored event with a local egg farmer to learn how eggs get from hen houses to grocery stores and about the nutritional benefits an egg breakfast.

World Egg Day (WED) is Friday, Oct. 12, and to celebrate, St. Louis local egg farmers and Stratum Nutrition parent company, Novus International, will be talking with students about the nutritional benefits of eating eggs and explaining how eggs get from the farm to their tables. Egg Farmers have a daily commitment to caring for their animals and work hard to provide an all-natural, high-quality protein that helps jump-start any morning breakfast routine.

“World Egg Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredible edible egg,” says Tim Asbridge, manager at Rose Acre Farms. “Egg farmers are committed to delivering an affordable, high-quality protein that provides people with a great tasting, easy-to-prepare breakfast choice.”

Eggs are a good source of vitamin D and deliver 6 grams of high-quality protein to help stay energized throughout the day. Eggs also play a significant role in weight management, muscle strength, healthy pregnancy, brain function, eye health and more. A sustainable use of egg shells and eggshell membrane, Stratum partner ESM Technologies separates the eggshell and membrane to create bone and joint health ingredients. ESC and NEM, respectively, are sources of pure calcium and joint supporting nutrients in powder, supplement form.

World Egg Day EGG-ucation
The celebration kicked off in St. Louis at Novus International (Stratum HQ) on Wednesday, Oct. 10, with an “Omelets of the World” presentation given by the Guinness World Records “World’s Fastest Omelet Maker” and egg expert, Howard Helmer. Howard holds the record for the fastest omelet cooker in the world and can whip up a whopping 427 omelets in a mere 30 minutes.

On WED, 480 K-6 graders at a St. Louis elementary will celebrate a Novus-sponsored event with local egg farmer, Tim Asbridge from Rose Acre Farms. Students will learn how eggs get from the farmers’ hen houses to their local grocery stores, about the nutritional benefits of starting their morning with an egg breakfast, and enjoy a tasty egg snack.

Beginning in 1996, WED is celebrated once a year. Each year, egg farmers, as well as the world’s egg lovers from around the world come together to celebrate the incredible edible egg and all its benefits. For more information about the full life of the egg, beyond the nutritious protein source, visit the Stratum “Benefits of the Egg” page online.



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