Studies Show Chromax® Chromium Picolinate Regulates Insulin, the Master Hormone

With the support of Nutrition 21, scientists are finding exciting new
evidence on the benefits of chromium and its role in regulating insulin,
the master hormone. Representatives of Nutrition 21 will be reviewing the
most recent chromium studies at the Supply Side West International Trade
Show and Conference this week.

At a presentation at the 2002 meeting of the Federation of Societies for
Experimental Biology (FASEB), Nutrition 21 scientists concluded “Chromium
supplementation helps in reducing the risk of early onset of coronary heart
disease by reducing the associated coronary risk complications.” In addition,
an analysis of the relationship of chromium and heart disease in over 30,000
men by Dr. Eric B. Rimm of the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that
chromium status is strongly associated with the risk of coronary heart disease,
especially among overweight men.

Nutrition 21’s Chromax®, chromium picolinate supplement has been shown to
help maintain normal insulin levels, reduce elevated blood glucose levels, reduce
coronary risk factors and reverse insulin resistance, which are all significant
factors in people with obesity, Dyslipidemia, diabetes and Syndrome X.

Chromax® chromium picolinate is the only chromium backed by years of
clinical research and is the source of the excitement in the scientific community
regarding the health benefits and potential role for chromium in carbohydrate
and lipid metabolism. Chromax® is the only chromium with in-depth of
research available on its bioavailability, efficacy and safety.


Bill Levi, Business Director of Ingredients for Nutrition 21, will be available to
discuss these exciting findings, scientific results regarding chromium an diabetes
as well as interesting upcoming research efforts involving Chromax®.

Other Nutrition 21 research experts will be available for telephone interviews.


Nutrition 21 Booth #1338-40, SupplySide West International Trade Show and Conference,
The Venetian & The Sands Expo, Las Vegas, NV

December 4-6, 2002 (Interviews available throughout show. Arranged times preferred).


Nutrition 21 is a leading developer and marketer of nutritional products whose health benefits have been substantiated by clinical research. The market leader in nutritional chromium, Nutrition 21 currently holds 36 patents for nutrition products, 25 for chromium compounds and their uses. Nutrition 21 markets science-based products researched for safety & efficacy to pioneer a higher standard of nutritional supplements. More information is available at

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