Studies show Hidrox's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects

Studies show Hidrox's antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects

CreAgri's patented formulation of olive polyphenols rich in hydroxytyrosol achieves new scientific advancements.

While nutraceuticals and dietary supplements are coming under increasing regulatory scrutiny, both in the United States and Europe, for what is perceived to be a lack of verifiable scientific research supporting their claim to beneficial health effects, CreAgri, Inc. and Hidrox—its patented formulation of olive polyphenols rich in the potent antioxidant hydroxytyrosol—continue to achieve new scientific advancements on the road to producing healthy consumer goods.

Two new fundamental studies about the antibacterial and the neuroprotective effects of Hidrox have been published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and AgroFOOD Industry HiTech, both preeminent peer-reviewed journals. The first study, by researchers at the USDA Regional Field Office in Albany, Calif., has established the efficacy of Hidrox in inactivating E. coli and reducing the formation of carcinogenic amines in cooked beef patties. The second research study, a collaboration with scientists at The Parkinson's Institute in Sunnyvale, Calif., CreAgri has confirmed the efficacy of Hidrox in inhibiting cytokine production in a Parkinson's cell-based model of neuroinflammation.

"Scientific research with Hidrox has registered positive results in the first quarter of 2012,” said Dr. Roberto Crea, CreAgri's CEO and CSO. "Research and development on the applications with olive polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol are not only Creagri's bread and butter, but are also an imperative for companies striving to create safe and healthy consumer products that have proven and verifiable efficacy." 

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