Study Finds An Interconnection Between Internal And External Health & Wellness

Harleysville, Pa. (April 25, 2003) -- Based on a recent survey of 1,028 Americans, conducted in March 2003 by The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 69% of U.S. consumers state, “…due to the state of the economy/current events, personal health and wellness is more important than it used to be,” up from 60% in October 2002. This observation may identify a shifting consumer paradigm on the correlation between the state of “external” affairs and the respective state of “internal” affairs.

Does personal health and the health and wellness of one’s family become more relevant and important in an environment that shows relative instability? Does this consumer’s health mentality become internalized and more important as a means to control something, when other activities are out of their control? Furthermore, health and wellness is less important among younger Americans (under 35 years) and higher among older Americans (age 55-plus.)

Americans are also more apprehensive today, with 36% of all U.S. consumers stating they are “more stressed and anxious then they used to be.” Demographically, middle-aged consumers are the most stressed of any group, with 41% stating such. Geographically, Americans in the Northeast U.S. are much more likely to be stressed (56%) than those in the Pacific states (28%). As so, relaxation products, including everything from alternative therapies, dietary supplements, and self-help books to exercise and leisure time --- even prescription medications --- become more relevant and important.

“During times of uncertainty, consumers look to health and wellness as a means to internalize specific need states,” says Steve French, NMI managing partner. “The dimensionality of specific products and services presents significant opportunities for the assimilation of these products into consumer lifestyles, in part creating specific consumer pathways and category entry vehicles,” states French.

The data from the survey of 1,000+ U.S. households was generated from NMI's proprietary consumer research vehicle, HealthBeat Interactive™ (HBI) --- based on a strategic alliance with Harris Interactive. To learn more about how you can customize your own proprietary questions, contact Steve French, NMI Managing Partner, at 215-713-5300 (ext. 214) or via e-mail to [email protected] or visit for more information.


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