Sunstone Cancer Support Foundation Announces New Schedule of Retreats for Cancer Survivors

(TUCSON, Ariz.) --- The Sunstone Cancer Support Foundation has just released its new schedule of retreats for cancer survivors, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. These immersion retreats enable individuals to explore the significant issues and emotions raised by a cancer diagnosis, and participate in activities and informational sessions designed to educate and enhance feelings of wellness and control. The programs are based on natural approaches to healing, and participants are equipped with time-honored tools designed to complement conventional cancer treatment.

All of the retreats are conducted at the Sunstone Healing Center, a fully restored guest ranch in Tucson, Arizona which can accommodate up to 21 individuals in 11 beautifully appointed casitas. The serene healing center sits amidst 13 inspiring acres of mesquite trees, manicured lawns, and desert vegetation. All retreats include lodging, nutritious meals and snacks, as well as retreat materials.

For more information about these retreats, or any of Sunstone’s educational programs, please call (520) 749-1928, or visit

Pathways through Cancer (February 19 – 22; April 15 – 18)
This retreat is based on the recognition that cancer does not affect the body alone, but also the emotions, mind, and spirit. This retreat is designed to help participants find their own unique pathways back to healing and wholeness in the face of a cancer diagnosis.

Spirituality and Cancer (February 28 – 29)
Barbara Johnson, a nationally recognized spiritual teacher, will lead this retreat designed to explore the implications of cancer on the spiritual path. Participants will also explore the implications of an active, authentic spiritual practice within the experience of cancer.

Healing Cancer Holistically
(March 1, for healthcare professionals; March 2, for survivors and their loved ones)
Joel Evans, M.D., a nationally renowned integrative cancer care specialist, will lead these retreats designed to provide information on how holistic medicine can enhance the body’s ability to heal from cancer. The scientific basis for the use of nutrition and supplements in the prevention and regression of cancer will be discussed, and the benefits of physical activity, mind-body medicine, and spirituality will be explored.

Helping Kids Heal: Equine Therapy for Kids Touched by Cancer (March 11 – 14)
This retreat is specially designed for children survivors of cancer and one parent. With the use of horses in a therapeutic relationship, kids can learn to increase trust, self awareness, coping, sense of well-being, and self confidence, while decreasing anxiety. All work is done on the ground, and previous experiences with horses is not necessary.

Care for the Journey for Healthcare Professionals (March 18 – 21)
This retreat is specially designed for healthcare professionals to address their own issues as providers of care to cancer survivors. Setting aside their own needs for physical, emotional, and spiritual integration in order to better take care of others in a well-worn habit among healthcare providers. The retreat will give providers an opportunity to recharge, while learning innovative tools to bring back home to their practices. The retreat will be facilitated by Emmy award winning composers and performers Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin.

Partners in Healing (April 22 – 25)
This retreat is designed for individuals on their cancer journey and partners on the journey with them. The impact of a cancer diagnosis effects partners in profound ways. Recent research has demonstrated that the quality of interpersonal relationships has a major influence on the course and outcome of serious illness. This is an experiential retreat where partners will learn new skills in large and small group format, both together and individually.

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