Sweet music for Fabuless

Delft,The Netherlands, 30-Mar-2006

Portugals’ leading dairy manufacturer, Lactogal, has launched Europe’s first shot-sized drinking yogurt that helps health conscious consumers manage their weight. Introduced under the well-established ‘Adagio’ brand, these innovative products incorporate Fabuless – the natural weight management ingredient from DSM Food Specialties – and tap into increasing demand for functional products which fit into existing lifestyles.

Associated with innovation and fresh ideas, Adagio yogurts contribute to the development of the market for new ingredients that deliver functional benefits. The new product, called Adagio Versus, will join Lactogal’s existing portfolio of successful functional yogurts, including AdagioCol (cholesterol lowering) and Adagio Simbiótico (prebiotic and probiotic). Adagio Versus offers the recommended dosage of Fabuless in each 90ml ‘shot’. The new products will be sold in four-packs with a choice of Strawberry and Papaya / Passionfruit flavours.

“We’re delighted that Lactogal have chosen Fabuless for their latest Adagio brand innovation” comments David Jobse, product manager Fabuless. “Consumers lead increasingly hectic lifestyles and appreciate the simplicity of one-a-day shot-sized products – hence the enormous growth we’ve seen in this sector in the past few years. Delivering the recommended serving of Fabuless in a delicious and convenient format, the Adagio yogurt can be consumed at any time of the day and will help consumers manage their calorie intake for up to 8 hours”.

Fabuless is a patent-protected combination of oat and palm oils (both naturally occurring dietary lipids) that is formulated in a novel emulsion. The microstructure of Fabuless prevents the digestion of palm oil droplets until relatively deep in the small intestine. Undigested fat arriving in the ileum (the latter part of the small intestine) triggers an 'appetite satisfied' signal to the brain. Because they feel no need to take in more calories, consumers can eat less but still feel satisfied.

DSM FOOD SPECIALTIES is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of dairy, savoury and beverage ingredients as well as functional foods and baking enzymes. A major supplier of added-value food and beverage ingredients to a diverse customer base, DSM has a comprehensive portfolio of market leading ingredients. For further information please contact your local DSM Dairy Ingredients representative.

LACTOGAL, Produtos Alimentares S.A., is the major and renowned Portuguese food products company specializing in dairy products and their derivatives. Lactogal has a rich tradition of excellence and quality, allowing it to continue to ensure its leading technological and commercial position, based on its ability to satisfy the needs and expectations of clients and consumers to the highest level of performance.

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