Techceuticals Intensive Two-Day Seminars to be held in April and October Disseminates GMP Know-how

Techceuticals Intensive Two-Day Seminars to be held in April and October Disseminates GMP Know-how Critical to Manufacturing High-Quality Nutritional Supplement Tablets & Capsules

With nearly one in two Americans using nutritional supplements, this healthy habit is driving a rapidly growing marketplace worth almost 20 billion yearly in the United States alone. Consumer nutritional knowledge is rising sharply in a population that increasingly takes direct control of their own health. For supplement makers, such facts signal thrilling business opportunities. Manufacturing the high quality capsules and tablets these ever more savvy consumers demand, however, is an exacting science. Producers must know, or example, such details as how non-compressible fines contribute to capping defects. They must define terms like “wet granulation” and effectively apply them to their particular processes. Producers also must understand precisely how the FDA’s new GMPs for dietary supplements apply to their facilities.

Professionals in the nutritional supplement industry conclusively answer these questions and many more through Techceuticals, a top resource in the field since 1989. Techceuticals will share its expertise through two-day intensive training seminars in Jacksonville on April 23 and 24 and San Francisco on October 1 and 2. Presenters discuss every aspect of high quality nutritional supplement tablet and capsule manufacture – and how that information may deviate from typical pharmaceutical processes. Attendees receive a comprehensive 360-page manual that many use as the foundation for their own in-house training programs. One in three participants at Techceuticals public seminars rates the information so practical that they immediately schedule private seminars.

“Participants gain incisive perspectives on the entire manufacturing process - and how each department contributes - that help them take best advantage of the many opportunities in this exploding market,” says Mike Tousey, Techceuticals president. “And we thoroughly discuss timely topics like the increased FDA emphasis on documentation. While pharma has complied with FDA regs for years, supplement makers are just becoming familiar with requirements and compliance steps.”
According to Tousey, repeat participants often attend the seminars several times to further delve into the comprehensive detailed information presented. “When presenting private seminars, it’s not uncommon for senior management to stop me early on and say, ‘wait, we need to get everybody from supervisors to equipment maintenance personnel in here to hear this because it’s so valuable,’” Tousey reports, adding that his private seminars accommodate technician training needs without requiring these critical team members to travel.

One of the reasons companies choose Techceuticals is for its industry leaders with a combined three-quarters of a century of diverse experience in Rx, OTC and supplement manufacturing. Michael Tousey has led hands-on training for more than 20 years and authored numerous technical articles based on more than 35 years of intensive involvement in the field. Speaker Clark Sayer boasts more than 40 years experience in both domestic and international tablet and capsule manufacturing. Carol Brennon, with more than a decade of QA/QC know-how, rounds out the team. Unlike training offered by equipment manufacturers or peers mentoring new hires, Techceuticals’ expertise spans all equipment types, process steps, applicable FDA regulations and upcoming industry issues.

Since 1989, Techceuticals has provided training, troubleshooting and equipment to the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplements industries. The company offers complete service for solid dosage manufacturing companies including equipment selection. Techceuticals’ technical tips, articles and training programs include tablet and capsule formulation assistance, operator training, public training seminars and hands-on training sessions for tablet compression, film coating and granulating. The firm provides GAP analysis, cGMP training and customized programs for small hands-on groups or a complete manufacturing process presentation for the entire company. Pharmaceutical Online editors voted Techceuticals “Understanding the Manufacturing Process” a top article for 2007. Additional public seminars specifically designed for nutraceutical manufacturers are scheduled for April and October. Please visit, call 1-800-272-8191 or email [email protected] for complete details.


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