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Tesco's Flagship Kensington Store Features Healthnotes Touchscreen to Educate Shoppers on Health, Food, and Nutrition

Part of The Nutri Centre and Healthy Living area, Healthnotes provides shoppers with free access to health and self-care information

PORTLAND, Ore., U.S.A.-January 21, 2003-Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI), the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information, today announced that Tesco's flagship store in Kensington features a Healthnotes touchscreen kiosk as part of the newly added Nutri Centre and Healthy Living area. The interactive, self-service kiosk enhances the shopping experience by quickly and privately answering customers' questions on health, food, and nutrition.

The Healthnotes touchscreen is conveniently located within the "learning zone" of The Nutri Centre, part of the Healthy Living area of the store. The Nutri Centre offers nearly 5000 natural nutrition products and complementary medicines, as well as qualified nutritionists available to advise customers. The Healthy Living area also offers Tesco's own Organic, Free From, and Food Doctor product ranges.

In addition to being a customer service tool, Healthnotes also provides The Nutri Centre with information on what products and topics are of most interest to their customers. According to the Healthnotes Category Management Report, after the first 66 days of use in the Kensington store, Healthnotes answered more than 2,800 customer questions on everything from weight loss, healthy eating, and athletic performance, to osteoarthritis, Diabetes, and the common cold.

"Consumers today are taking more interest in managing their health and are overwhelmed by the choices," stated Michael J. Peet, HNI vice president and co-founder. "With Healthnotes, Tesco and The Nutri Centre can provide shoppers with useful information at their fingertips to help them make healthy purchase decisions in-store."

Tesco has seen demand for many complementary health products more than double within twelve months, highlighting the British public's increasing tendency to assume responsibility for their own healthcare. According to The Nutri Centre founder Rohit Mehta, the rapid growth of complementary healthcare in the UK is set to continue. "It reflects a change in attitude, with consumers looking beyond conventional pharmaceuticals to vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies," he says.

The Healthnotes touchscreen provides practical, science-based information on vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, healthy eating, and self-care options. It also includes sports nutrition and weight management information, and offers in-depth coverage of potential interactions between supplements and frequently used prescription and over-the-counter medications.

In addition, Healthnotes includes a comprehensive Food Guide, covering nutrition information and preparation tips for hundreds of foods, and a Recipe Finder that includes recipes for Special Diets. Shoppers can print the articles and recipes free-of-charge.

Tesco's flagship London supermarket is located at West Cromwell Road, Kensington W14.

About The Nutri Centre
The Nutri Centre is Britain's leading supplier of nutritional supplements, complementary medicines and specialist publications. In addition to the original premises at The Hale Clinic in London's fashionable Park Crescent, London W1 - where it stocks over 22,000 lines - a new branch is open within Tesco's flagship London supermarket in West Cromwell Road, Kensington.

Qualified pharmacists or nutritionists are available at both stores, and by telephone, to advise customers about products suitable for their requirements. The Nutri Centre has a major mail order business for retail customers, and provides a specialist service and support for complementary health practitioners, both by telephone and on-line at

Since August 2001, The Nutri Centre has had a close working partnership with Tesco, Britain's leading supermarket chain, collaborating in the selection of 120 top selling products to be marketed under The Nutri Centre @ Tesco banner through the chain's 200 supermarket pharmacies, and more recently in developing a range of Nutri Centre @ Tesco Complementary Health branded lines.

About Tesco, PLC.

In the past five years, Tesco has invested over one billion pounds in lowering prices, making the brand outstanding for value. This success has made Tesco a fast growing business, today the largest private sector employer in the UK, and providing jobs worldwide for over 260,000 people in nine countries. By early 2003, 45% of Tesco retail space will be outside the UK.

Customers benefit not only from value but also from innovation. Having understood customer need and aspirations, Tesco has pioneered developments in many new areas. For example, is now the largest on-line grocery service and Tesco Personal Finance is one of the UK's fastest growing financial services.

Success must always deliver value to shareholders and in 2001/2002 Tesco made pre-tax profits of £1.2 billion and group sales reached £25.7 billion. A strong UK core business, expansion and innovation in non-food and retailing services and growth overseas-all built on the foundation of understanding customers.

About Healthnotes, Inc.

Healthnotes, Inc. (HNI), is the premier provider of credible, easy-to-use health and lifestyle information for in-store touchscreen kiosk, Internet, and multi-channel initiatives. The Healthnotes® suite of applications provide consumers with practical, comprehensive information at the point of decision-online and in-store. More than 6,500 supermarkets, pharmacies, and natural product stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom use Healthnotes retail applications and Web content to educate customers, support staff, build loyalty, and increase sales. HNI also creates custom applications for integration in behind-the-counter systems and licenses content to Internet sites worldwide. For more information, visit

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