Third IPA World Congress a giant success

Third IPA World Congress a giant success

International Probiotics Association's third annual event drew 160 participants from around the globe.

More than 160 participants from numerous countries, including academics, industry marketers and professionals, and regulatory experts from all over the world gathered at the Universal City Hilton from April 20-21 for the third International Probiotics Association (IPA) World Congress. The two-day event featured leading researchers in the area of probiotics, plus clinicians and regulatory experts.

“Our third installment of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) World Congress has been the most successful yet,” said George Paraskevakos, President of the International Probiotics Association. “The association strives to raise the bar when it comes to introducing the latest research and providing regulatory updates for the global probiotic community.”

The first day of the World Congress kicked off with a regulatory overview of probiotics in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Dr. Daniel Fabricant. It continued with a mix of marketing and research updates provided by Chris Schmidt from Euromonitor International; Dr. Sonia Michail, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Dr. Premysl Bercik, Assistant Professor, the Department of Medicine at McMaster University in Canada; and Dr. Sarkis Mazmanian, Assistant Professor, Division of Biology at California Institute of Technology. The second half of the day featured regulatory talks pertaining to probiotics from four countries: Dr. Luo Xue Yun, Professor at the National Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety (China); Dr. Hemant Koshia, High Commissioner of Food and Drugs Control Administration of Gujarat State (India); Dr. Susana Beatriz Fattori, Head of Special Analytical Methodology Service Legislation and Standardization Department, Ministry of Health (Argentina); and Scott Sawler, Director General, Natural Health Products Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch (Canada).

The second day featured additional research updates by Dr. Koen Venema, Senior Scientist of Gut Health, TNO, The Netherlands; Dr. David Mills, Professor, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California - Davis; Dr. Nita Salzman, Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, at the Medical College of Wisconsin; Dr. Tom Van de Wiele, Associate Professor at Ghent University in Belgium; Dr. Masahira Hattori, Professor, Department of Computational Biology at the University of Tokyo in Japan; Dr. Elena Verdu, Assistant Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, the Department of Medicine at McMaster University in Canada; Dr. Philippe Langella, Research Director at Micalis Institute INRA in France; Dr. Andrew Gewirtz, Associate Professor at the Emory University School of Medicine; as well as an overview of the substantiation and legislation of probiotics by Dr. Ger Rijkers, Medical Immunologist at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Participants were able to view the many poster presentations during the two-day event and network through the various organized breakfasts, lunches, dinners and receptions.

“The exchanging of ideas and communication amongst such a diverse mix of individuals from regulatory, academia, industry and healthcare professionals from all over the world is a true testament to the organization’s goal of truly being ‘The Global Voice of Probiotics,’” said Ioannis Misopoulos, Director General of the International Probiotics Association.


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