Three Novel Natural Products Addressing Major Health Concerns Introduced By Unigen Pharmaceuticals At SupplySide West

Broomfield, CO - September 30, 2003 - Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a leading research and development facility and supplier of proprietary, biologically active plant-derived ingredients to the natural products and pharmaceutical industries, will unveil its three newest novel natural products, which address today’s and tomorrow’s most important health concerns, at this year’s SupplySide West Expo Oct. 1-3 in Las Vegas. All three products are derived from sources never before used in their respective health capacities. The unique merits of Unigen’s groundbreaking new products will be discussed at the SupplySide VendorWorks Presentation, “Keeping Your Wits and Waistline for a Lifetime,” by Unigen’s Strategic Advisory Board Chairman, Dr. Marcus Laux, at 2 p.m. on Oct. 3

Unigen will launch Lasoperin™, a new way of thinking in cognitive supplementation and part of the next generation of cognition enhancement products. This novel ingredient has demonstrated statistically significant effects on memory, attention, focus, and speed of processing in a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Also in this trial, the subjects’ speed of processing was substantially improved when challenged with a complex task, which is a function that commonly deteriorates with age. Lasoperin™ is a breakthrough product that may offer short-term nutritional support for attention and focus, and long-term support of cognition and memory.

According to Regan Miles, Unigen’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “We timed the launch of Lasoperin™ and our other groundbreaking products with the synergy of SupplySide West. This highly regarded trade show provides a forum for the dietary supplement, functional food and natural personal care industries to bring to market the best science-backed products that can truly revolutionize the way the world looks at health--in a natural way.”

The other new product launch is Unigen’s proprietary policosanol compound found to ameliorate conditions involved with a number of health concerns for which the company has filed patents, including obesity, syndrome X, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerotic complications, ischemia and thrombosis. This compound, derived from Cera Chinensis, was recently allowed as a U.S. patent for composition of matter, as well as its novel extraction process. Unigen’s policosanol will soon be renamed in line with the company’s branding strategy.

Dr. Qi Jia, Unigen’s Vice President of Scientific Affairs and co-inventor of this patent along with Dr. Ji-Fu Zhao, said, “Policosanol is an efficacious, safe and natural alternative for addressing a host of health concerns, including the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and lipoprotein profiles.” Jia indicated that in order to find a novel source of policosanol, Unigen evaluated waxes from more than 40 plants and insects that are in the collections of its PhytoLogix™ library. “This patent demonstrates the commitment by Unigen to develop novel, quality products that can positively affect prominent, current-day health concerns.”

Also featured at the show will be DiAfin™, a non-stimulant botanical weight loss product recently launched by Unigen. DiAfin™ provides a novel combination of plant extracts that affect fructose metabolism, a key factor in weight gain, coupled with a strong anti-inflammatory property as well. The product addresses the overloading of fructose in the Western diet along with chronic inflammation, both common problems in obesity and diabetes.
Unigen is the corporate sponsor for Magic Johnson’s keynote address at this year’s SupplySide West. You can join him and Unigen executives at booth #1716 where Magic Johnson will sign autographs immediately following his speech at 10 a.m. on October 2.

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About Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Unigen is a leading natural products research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier. The company is dedicated to the discovery of botanically derived therapeutic compounds that address consumer health needs and help improve the quality of human life. Its research and discovery process includes extensive work at both the human cell and gene level. Unigen (, and sister company Aloecorp, are subsidiaries of Univera, Inc. Unigen and Aloecorp each focus on identifying and studying the unique ingredients of medicinal botanicals (Aloecorp’s focus is on Aloe vera) and then formulating proprietary raw materials for use in cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.

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Westfall Communications Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
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