TMR Launches Elete Electrolyte Add-In

Ogden, Utah—Trace Minerals Research recently added a new electrolyte replacement supplement to its line of products to give consumers a better way to hydrate during mild or intense physical activity.

“This product is unlike anything in the market right now,” said Matt Kilts, managing partner for Trace Minerals Research. “There are so many athletes and avid runners out there who want to get away from sports drinks because they’re so hard on their stomach, but still want to benefit from the electrolytes found in those types of products. ELETE is the answer.”

ELETE is a pure electrolyte add-in that contains all major electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride. The difference between ELETE and most sports powders and drinks is that it doesn’t have any sweeteners or flavorings and, therefore, contains no added carbohydrates. Once added to water, it tastes just like water and nothing else.

ELETE enhances hydration without the added calories or sugar that can undermine fitness and weigh down endurance athletes.

In addition, the electrolytes found in ELETE aid in the energy production process and also can help against cramps, a nemesis to endurance athletes.

ELETE is also specifically designed for the endurance athlete who frequently uses hydration packs because it contains no sticky stuff to clean up after use. Clean-up is the same as if you had simply filled your hydration pack with water.

ELETE comes in a convenient and portable 24.6 mL dropper bottle makes 2.5 gallons of pure electrolyte water and sells for $3.46 wholesale and $4.99 retail. For teams or other large groups, we offer a 4 oz. economy refill bottle that make 12 gallons of pure electrolyte water and sells for $10.99 wholesale and $18.89 retail. For more information, call 800-624-7145 or visit

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