Truvia enters South American market

Truvia enters South American market

Nearly 50 million households in the U.S. have purchased products made with stevia-based sweeteners, up from 43 million from just one year ago.

The Truvia business announced its entry into the South American market with the launch of Truvia natural sweetener in Venezuela—a sugar substitute market valued at $60 million. Following a year of successful growth across both its consumer products and ingredient businesses in Europe and North America, this latest international expansion solidifies the global market leader position of the Truvia business in the stevia-based sweetener category.

Truvia natural sweetener has fundamentally changed the category around the world with its Truvia portfolio of products. Nearly 50 million households in the United States have purchased products made with stevia-based sweeteners, up from 43 million from just one year ago. Truvia consumer products are now available for purchase throughout the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

"This market launch represents the continued expansion of the Truvia business in response to the growing consumer demand for great-tasting, natural, zero-calorie sweetness. With the opening of the Venezuelan market, Truvia consumer products are now available in seven countries on three continents," said Zanna McFerson, vice president and business director for the Truvia Enterprise. "The mainstream adoption of Truvia products around the world presents tremendous opportunity for consumers to have a natural choice in managing sugars and calories in their everyday lives."

Truvia stevia leaf extract is also a popular ingredient in a variety of foods and beverages, including yogurt, cereal bars and juices. Stevia-based beverage product introductions nearly doubled between 2010 and 2011. Food and beverage products naturally sweetened with Truvia stevia leaf extract currently available on store shelves around the world include Coca-Cola's Sprite and Nestea, Glaceau vitaminwater zero™, Kraft Crystal Light Pure, Tillamook Light Yogurt and Smucker's Sugar Free Fruit Spreads.

The Truvia business has also expanded its consumer products offerings with the introduction of innovative products in the United States and Europe. The business recently launched in the U.S. Truvia Baking Blend, a blend of sugar and Truvia natural sweetener, and Truvia 'Behind the Bar', a solution for food service establishments looking to create natural, great-tasting, zero-calorie simple syrups for cocktails, teas, and lemonades. In France, the business has introduced a new pouch to refill the popular spoonable jars of Truvia calorie-free sweetener.

As it continues to expand its business in South America and around the world, the Truvia business remains committed to positive global citizenship and building a sustainable enterprise that supports growers. Truvia stevia leaf extract is the only stevia sweetener to be managed responsibly from Field to Table with the industry's first sustainable agricultural standard, achieving Carbon Trust Certification in 2011. This field to table supply chain is managed with integrity and transparency.

"At the core of the Truvia business is the stevia plant. Farmers and the growing communities are an integral part of bringing the Truvia products to consumers," added Mark Brooks, Truvia global consumer products director. "We are committed to supporting those communities as we build a sustainable enterprise."


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