UK first energy stimulant chocolate launches in UK

Today sees the launch of the UK's first mainstream chocolate bar, proven to stimulate mental energy by increasing attention span and alertness.

In a market traditionally dominated by energy drinks and worth an estimated £750m, Cadbury launches Boost Guarana. In tests*, no other confectionery brand is more effective. Boost Guarana also matches, and in some instances, outperforms energy drinks. Weighing 60.5g, and retailing at an RRP of 39p, the bar goes on sale nationwide today.

Containing Guarana, a South American plant extract known to native Indians for centuries, the product has been launched to meet a genuine consumer need to stimulate the mind and complement a busy lifestyle. Boost Guarana matches leading energy drinks in its stimulant properties and in terms of physical motor response, actually delivers a longer lasting effect.

The bar has been proven to:

  • increase motor response
  • maintain accuracy
  • improve attention
  • improve self-rated alertness
  • maintain concentration

Boost Guarana is aimed primarily at 16-30 year old males who have demanding lifestyles. Comments Tony Bilsborough of Cadbury: "The 80s were dominated by 'cash hungry'; the 90s by 'time hungry'. The 00s will be about 'energy hungry' - and Boost Guarana is a major development to satisfy that need - a fast, delicious, long lasting, mental and physical energy hit".

Guarana is a berry that grows specifically in Venezuela and northern Brasil. The seeds of the berry contain guaranine, which has a similar stimulant effect to caffeine. The name Guarana is derived from the Guarani tribe and has played an important role in their culture for centuries.

One bar of Boost Guarana contains 54mg of caffeine, which is similar to a cup of coffee, although tests have shown it improves concentration and focus over a longer period than coffee. There is on-pack advice to help consumers make an informed choice.

A further variant, Boost Glucose, for physical fuel, is also launched today.

Notes to editors:

* Data has been taken from reports of Cognitive Assessment Testing Countlines with Added Glucose and Guarana, January and April 2002. Conducted by Reading Scientific Services Limited in association with Cognitive Drug Research Limited.

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