UK's first australian run hip not hippy organic corner store chain looks to austrailiasian to import organic product

Luscious Organic – the UK’s first chain of up market, hip not hippy, organic corner stores has launched a search to find more Australian and Asian organic producers willing to supply product to the United Kingdom as demand for organic produce made across the pond escalates.

Luscious Organic (run by 2 Australians who gave up anchor jobs in TV) has just opened 2 flagship organic corner stores in London offering a unique organic corner store retail concept which includes everything from organic tampons to tea, organic wheat free pasta to the Princes of Wales organic biscuits as well the company as a organic juice, coffee and sandwich bar attached. Its development followed the release of new data, which revealed:

  1. The U.K organic industry was worth 1 billion pounds last year and would grow by 35% this year
  2. Customers wanted accessible organic product in a ‘non-hip’ environment
  3. Customers wanted a range of affordable and higher end product
  4. More people than ever before are returning to corner store shopping on average visiting their stores 5 times a week
  5. Corner store growth was out-stripping supermarket growth
  6. The British organic customer is educated and demands more organic produce.
  7. To UK has been hit by so many food and agriculture scares consumers prefer American and Australasian product

“The market is growing at such an amazing rate here. 75% of organic product comes from overseas and until the UK government frees up more organic land we want to get our hands on as much organic produce as possible,” said, Luscious Organic MD Alison Rose

“The stores already stock a wide range of product from Australiasia but more is needed. Just last week we started importing some amazing organic marinades from New Zealand and Australia using our fantastic wholesaler Rachel Cater who deals with customers and import issues.I just don’t think producers ‘across the pond’ know about the amazing growth here and we want to spread the word,”

Prince Charles is one of the UK’s biggest organic supporters and even produces organic product we stock in our stores, Elle McPherson shops with us even Jerry Hall and a range of rock stars. Last week we sent Madonna a basket of our organic product.

Luscious Organic is part of Luscious Ltd. The company made up o 11 low fat and organic cafes mostly in a PLC listed health Club chain and the 2 flagship organic corner stores designed to change the face of organic retailing here.

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