Uk's first chain of hip not hippy organic conveneince stores unveils special promotions to encourage organic dabblers to become committed buyers

Luscious Organic, London’s first chain of funky organic convenience stores has unveiled a new strategy to promote the stores, value add to customers and help organic 'dabblers' become committed regular buyers

Key to the plan are special them days - this month the chaine is offering customers free hand massages using organic hand cream plus free tasting of an unique range of Spanish organic sauces, dips and soups so they can have a ’hip and handy’ experience while doing your grocery shopping. “The aim of the day is to show customers that buying organic groceries is more than a quick run to the shops. The organic shopping market was worth £1 billion last year and is grow by a further 35% this year. We decided to start having our ‘Hip and Handy” days so people can taste before they buy, get treated to a free hand massage using organic hand creams and then do their grocery shopping or even give us the list, we’ll do the shopping while they enjoy the treats. This is the new style of organic retailing – one that is ‘hip not hippy’ and one which shows how funky organic food and products can be.”

Customers can get a free hand massage offered by the experts from Green People which make a range of organic hair, body and beauty products for men, women and children. Luscious Organic is keen to show customers that you can buy quality organic skin care products particularly because you absorb up to 60% of any substance applied to your skin and than women can absorb up to 2 kilograms of chemicals via their skin every year.

“We love selling the Green People range – it’s certified organic, is high quality and now they offer SPF factor sun care products, a new range for men called ORGANIC GUYS and a fantastic organic hand care cream which people can try at the Hip and handy day,” said Luscious Organic MD, Alison Rose

According to green People to call a product ‘natural’ only 1% of the products have to be natural. “We loved the fact Green People offer a quality organic product.” Green People will be sending a beauty therapist down to do the hand massages using their organic Help at Hand cream.

After people have had a hand massage they will be able to sample product from the specialist Sierra Rica organic soup and dip range.“These products come from Spain and include a range of organic gourmet soups and an artichoke spread which we have had to put people on a waiting list for,” explained Alison.“The product is wonderful and much of it wheat and dairy free which means complete decadence despite what can often be a restrictive diet.”

Luscious Organic will be sampling the Red Pepper and artichoke dips, the Gazpacho, Red Pepper and Toasted Almond soups and the Chestnut, carrot and ginger soup. Customers can also buy discounted organic mochas, organic skinny lattes or an organic soya hot chocolate.

Luscious Organic which has 2 organic convenience stores in Kensington High Street and Fulham Broadway is the first corner store chain of it’s kind in the UK to offer customers hip, not hippy product, an organic juice and coffee bar attached to the grocery section, an organic price match policy and an affordable organics range as well as a range of hard to find organic product.

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