Ulrick & Short bring clean label textures to dairy products

Ulrick & Short bring clean label textures to dairy products

Ulrick & Short Ltd has developed a range of clean label starches and fat and milk solid replacers.

Texture and flavour release have a huge influence over the success or failure of many dairy products and as a key differentiator it is paramount that manufacturers get it right. Leading clean label ingredient specialists, Ulrick & Short Ltd, has developed a range of clean label starches and fat and milk solid replacers specifically to help the industry cut ingredient costs, develop healthier products and remain competitive.

Recognising the importance of achieving the correct viscosities, which ultimately determine the lightness, creaminess or richness of products, Ulrick & Short's clean label ingredients have been designed to deliver a unique and flexible palate of textures suitable for all dairy products from yoghurt, cheese and sauces through to dairy desserts like custard and mousse.

The range of tapioca, rice and waxy rice starches enable food manufacturers to control consistencies of dairy products during processing from pourable to fully set. This improved control during production ensures that the finished product has the desired creamy mouth-feel, flavour and body.

These clean label stabilisers and fat and milk solid replacements from Ulrick & Short minimise flavour masking, allowing product flavours to shine through. In addition they are extremely process tolerant and provide exceptional functionality and product development opportunities.

Traditionally dairy manufacturers have found it difficult to mimic the same textural qualities of conventional cream, milk and butter and have been sceptical about using alternatives in fear that they will not achieve the same organoleptic profiles of standard ingredients.

However, ingredients from Ulrick & Short have been formulated to replicate the same viscosity, pourability and creaminess that traditional ingredients deliver. To help food producers further understand the complex textural profiles that different starches and flours give and the effects these have on finished products, the company's highly qualified food experts work closely with its customers every step of the way, from concept through to development and finished product.

The company's technical experience and vast industry knowledge enables its team to give informative guidance on the effects different processing techniques have on finished textural qualities, helping to solve any texture related product failures and to help producers relate to the sensory properties, textural characteristics and the functionality of different starches now available.

Ulrick & Short has a broad range of innovative clean label ingredients, which include binders, emulsifiers, bakery glazes, fat replacers and phosphate alternatives, allowing food processors to remove chemicals, additives and allergens without compromising on quality, taste or texture.

Formed in 2000, Ulrick & Short Ltd is a leading developer, designer, manufacturer and supplier of high quality clean label ingredients, which are predominantly used by the UK food industry. Ingredients developed by Ulrick & Short contain no chemicals or artificial components and are free from genetic modification. The company develops bespoke solutions to suit individual needs across a wide range of foods including processed meats, soups and sauces, baked goods and battered products.

All of Ulrick & Short's raw materials are processed by accredited partners worldwide and the quality of the ingredients is assured by the controlled environment of the company's own development kitchens.

The company already has an excellent reputation for its level of responsiveness in getting 'products to market' quickly.

Ulrick & Short's clean label ingredient range gives food producers the advantage of having simpler declarations without compromising on quality. The on-going success and continued investment into research and new product development drives the company forward, giving it a good advantage over its competitors.

More product details can be found at: www.ulrickandshort.com

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