Ulrick & Short's Delyte ingredient prolongs cookie chewiness

Ulrick & Short's Delyte ingredient prolongs cookie chewiness

Ulrick & Short's innovative, tapioca-based ingredient derived from the company's Delyte range can reduce fat and prolong the chewiness of popular 'all American coffee shop style' cookies.

Ulrick & Short, the UK's leading functional clean label ingredients specialists, has created an innovative, tapioca-based ingredient derived from the company's Delyte™ range that can reduce fat and prolong the chewiness of popular 'all American coffee shop style' cookies.

Ideal for bakers wanting to meet the burgeoning demand from retailers for longer life products, this unique, innovative ingredient has a complex design structure, which focuses on stability and enhanced organoleptic properties such as chewiness.

During product development trials, Ulrick & Short's food technologists discovered that the ingredient could reduce fat content whilst enhancing the melt-in-the-mouth, morish properties that a typical high in butter, high in sugar chewy cookie would have.

Delyte F™ works in conjunction with the fat matrix in cookies to give an improved chewy texture that can be maintained over life for up to five weeks. This unique new product from Ulrick & Short allows manufacturers to produce lower calorie options without any detriment to texture or flavor, which has huge benefits in terms of achieving healthier, cleaner product targets as well as reducing raw ingredient costs.

Easily incorporated into existing product formulas, Delyte F™ not only improves the chewy texture in cookies and reduces fat content it also increases process tolerance through increased water binding and enhances overall moistness and shelf-life, which leads to less waste and an overall reduction in production costs.

The company's Delyte™ range also includes clean label ingredients designed to enhance crunchiness and 'snap' of biscuits and fat replacements for a wide range of baked goods including muffins, cakes and pastries.

Other clean label ingredients in the company's Delyte™ range are used to replace butter and oils in cakes and bakery fillings, which allow food manufacturers to remove some butter content from products and still use the label 'all butter', which highlights to consumers that the food is still an indulgent product—a huge benefit to the retailer.

To ensure that its customers are getting the most from their ingredients, Ulrick & Short's team of specialist food technologists are on hand to offer immediate technical back-up to help integrate ingredients into new foods, develop finished products and deliver new ideas on the use of the ingredients.

Helping food manufacturers to further understand the significant cost savings that could be had by using Delyte™ are a selection of formulation guides, which have been created by Ulrick & Short to allow businesses to input ingredient costs and calculate the savings before progressing to trial.

Ulrick & Short's forward-thinking and innovative approach to ingredient design has kept it at the forefront of the industry. Its dedication to technical development team ensures that the company will continue to successfully introduce new clean label ingredient solutions—each being even more functional than the last.

For more information please contact Ulrick & Short on 01977 620011 or visit the website www.cleanlabelingredients.com.

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