United States Flu Vaccine Shortage a Concern For Many Americans

- Natural Immune Products, Such As Those Containing Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd.’s
Respondin™ Brand Ingredient, May Be The Answer -

October 14, 2003 – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Recent news regarding the flu vaccine shortage in the United States is a concern for many Americans. Due to a major manufacturer’s inability to supply 50 million influenza vaccines to the U.S., roughly half of the United States’ annual vaccine requirement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued interim influenza vaccination recommendations for the 2004-05 influenza season (Available at www.cdc.gov).

The rationing of influenza vaccine in the U.S. may worry Americans who are not considered members of the CDC’s influenza priority groups. As a result, non-priority persons may look for alternative methods of immune support during flu season, creating a marketing opportunity for supplement manufacturers. Natural dietary supplement products that help to maintain a healthy immune system, such as products containing Respondin™ brand immune support ingredient, offer these individuals a viable option.

Respondin™ is a patented carbohydrate fraction from a unique strain of green microalgae, Chlorella pyrendoidosa. Respondin™ belongs to a novel category of natural ingredients called Immune Response Modifiers (IRMs), which are characterized by their ability to support weak immune systems in times of immune stress, such as during influenza or the common cold. IRM's can also support overactive immune systems during conditions like allergy when the immune system is hyperactive.

In a clinical study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), Respondin™ demonstrated biologic activity in elevating antibody levels associated with the influenza vaccine (1). The double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted by Dr. Scott Halperin, a researcher from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. The CMAJ study demonstrated an immuno-enhancing effect in a subset of human subjects, corroborating the results of numerous in vivo and in vitro preclinical studies.

"A natural ingredient with the capability to reduce the risk of contracting a flu infection, or to diminish the duration and severity of an already existing infection is extremely compelling,” noted Dr. Colin Barrow, Vice President of Research & Development at Ocean Nutrition Canada.

Respondin™ brand immune support ingredient was developed by the research efforts of Ocean Nutrition Canada, a biotechnology company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, which focuses on identification, research, and marketing of naturally occurring marine-based ingredients to improve human health.

About Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC):
Ocean Nutrition Canada is a privately held company, and wholly owned subsidiary of Clearwater Fine Foods Inc., one of Canada's largest suppliers of quality seafood products. Ocean Nutrition Canada researches, manufactures, and markets MEG-3™ brand Omega-3 concentrates and other marine based natural ingredients for the dietary supplement and functional food markets. ONC exemplifies scientific rigor in discovery and research programs, along with world leading regulatory and quality compliance standards.

1. CMAJ July 22, 2003; 169 (2)


Lori O’Connell
Ocean Nutrition Canada Ltd.

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