Upper 49th Wins Recognition From Wal-Mart Canada

Canadian Company specializing in the importation of US dietary supplements wins recognition from Wal-Mart Canada

Upper 49th of Oakville, Ontario was named 2005 Vendor Partner of the Year for their significant contribution to the Wal-Mart pharmacy department. Upper 49th succeeded in making a number of Canadian and American brands compliant and available to Wal-Mart. These brands included some major weight management products including Trimspa X32, Cortislim, Leptopril, Slimquick and Lean System 7. As a result of this, the company increased their sales to Wal-Mart by over 1000% and helped grow the category by over 200%.

Maurice Brisebois, CEO of Upper 49th observes that this success is due to several factors including expertise in meeting Canadian Regulatory Guidelines, commitment to operational excellence and flexibility in working with US suppliers to make their products competitive in Canada.

Although weight management is a category that Upper 49th has played a significant part in developing for Canadian mass channels, the company's business also includes a wide variety of sports nutrition and natural health products.

Maurice Brisebois, Chief Executive Officer, CEO
[email protected]

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