Urology Times of Canada Features Study on CRAN-MAX(R) Cranberry Supplement

Toronto, ON, December 2003 -- Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd. announces that the November edition of the Urology Times of Canada describes an ongoing clinical study featuring its Cran-Max® cranberry supplement. The trials are currently underway at the Boston, Massachusetts Healthcare System and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Cran-Max®, produced using cranberries from Canada, has previously been found effective in the prevention of UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections). The current research in Boston involves subjects in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study to determine whether Cran-Max® is superior to placebo in the prevention of urinary tract infections." Data is to be collected on urinary pH, leukocyte esterase, and bacterial counts. The McMaster study is evaluating the efficacy of Cran-Max in the treatment of UTI's.

Cran-Max®, the leading branded cranberry product, has been found to be more effective and more cost-effective in preventing UTI's than placebo or juice. Last year, a University of British Columbia study in the Canadian Journal of Urology reported that the Cran-Max cohort had 44 percent fewer UTI's than the placebo group. 1

"This ongoing research on Cran-Max® by leading institutions is a critical part of our program to illustrate the potential of Cran-Max for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections," said Stephen Lukawski, president of Market-Wise, which holds the exclusive Canadian distribution and marketing rights to Cran-Max®. "The coverage in the Urology Times of Canada is critical for us to get this message to practitioners and urologists who are beginning to see Cran-Max as both a viable and cost effective natural alternative to anti-biotics."

Cran-Max® cranberry supplements are available at selected pharmacies, groceries and health food stores. For more information go to www.berrymax.com


About Market-Wise Enterprises, Ltd.
Since 1994 Market-Wise has served as Corporate Advisors to the Nutraceutical Industry involved in Strategic Planning, Product Development and Research and Marketing. It is the exclusive Canadian marketer and distributor of CRAN-MAX® and the BIO-SHIELD® product line of proprietary infused fruit powders, including BLUE-MAX® (blueberry-based), BIL-MAX® (bilberry-based) and ELDER-MAX® (elderberry-based).

Marketwise is also the owner of the GQA (Grower quality Assurance) trademark which represents food safety standards and good agricultural practices for North American growers of botanicals, fruits and vegetables. Growers participating in the program are audited and inspected to ensure that purity, potency and quality are achieved from the field gate to the finished product. For more information visit www.gqa.ca.


1 Canadian Journal of Urology, June 2002

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