Vioxx(R) Recall May Provide Opportunity for Natural Alternatives: BioActives Re-Focuses Attention On Its Celery-Seed Fraction

Worcester, MA; October 12, 2004 – With the recent withdrawal from the market of Merck’s Vioxx®, the most popular of the Cox-2 inhibitor drugs, many arthritis sufferers and others with pain from gout and muscle stiffness may be re-evaluating their options and considering alternative therapies.

To address this need, BioActives LLC of Worcester, MA, a developer and manufacturer of active ingredients used in a variety of nutraceutical products, has begun refocusing its efforts on expanding the market for its Concentrated Celery-Seed Fraction as a natural, alternative therapy. BioActives’ Concentrated Celery Seed-Fraction is based on a proprietary process that extracts phthalides (butylphthalide, sedanenolide and sedanolide) from celery seeds.

Clinical tests have suggested that phthalides have an effect on pain, increase mobility, and establish an increased sense of well-being. Hospital studies in both Australia and India have found celery seeds effective in combating both the progression and symptoms of pain associated with various health conditions.
“Celery seeds have historically been used in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine as a diuretic tranquilizer, anti-spasmodic, nerve tonic, and anti-rheumatic,” says Daniel Kagan, Ph.D., president of BioActives.

“The proprietary and patented process BioActives uses to produce its Concentrated Celery Seed-Fraction results in the highest total phthalide concentration in the market as measured by GC,” he adds.

The phthalides in celery seeds appears to act to restore the balance in the body’s prostaglandin system – one of the most important chemical control systems in the body that regulates inflammation, pain, and swelling. More information about phthalides is available at BioActives’ web site and at Doctor Michael Murrary’s web site

BioActives Concentrated Celery Seed-Fraction is available to manufacturers and marketers of nutraceuticals in two forms: powder for hard capsules or oil for incorporation into softgels. It is currently being sold in capsule form by such well-known companies as Natural Factors.

About BioActives LLC
BioActives, based in Worcester, MA develops and manufactures active ingredients for nutraceuticals that have four distinct characteristics: proven efficacy; proprietary processes; distinct analytical footprints; and cutting-edge technology. These product-features satisfy increased consumer and regulatory demands for accountability as well as creating effective barriers to look-alike-products. BioActives’ proprietary products which include its patented lutein and its more bioavailable lutein complex are produced at its own G.M.P. facility in India.

More information about BioActives can be found at

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Bioactives, Inc.

Dan Kagan, President
Phone: +1-508-752-1099

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