VIRUN introduces NUTRA-BIOsciences

VIRUN introduces NUTRA-BIOsciences

VIRUN has obtained numerous Notice-of-Allowances and several patent grants for its nano-encapsulation technologies.

VIRUN has obtained a Notice-of-Allowance for patent application number 20090317532 by the USPTO.  This Notice-of-Allowance further strengthens VIRUN’s initiative to instate itself as the leader in non polar, omega-3 EPA DHA and CoQ10 encapsulation technologies.  This advancement has created a new space within industry, NUTRA-BIOsciences™.

Diverse intellectual property – strong foundation
VIRUN has several patents and patent applications that support the nano-encapsulation of non polar compounds.  There is not necessarily one technology suitable for any specific food or beverage application; cost, type of application, regulatory compliance and preference are important factors to consider when developing a new food or beverage product.  VIRUN offers different patent and patent pending options that are GRAS and have clean label claim.  This recent Notice-of-Allowance introduces yet another technology enabling further options to support the development and success of a food or beverage application.  Having so many options, this eighth Notice-of-Allowance gives way toward a new space within our industry VIRUN dubs as NUTRA-BIOsciences.

VIRUN delivers options by introducing NUTRA-BIOsciences
NUTRA-BIOsciences are the combination of nutraceutical ingredients with biotechnology to deliver healthy compounds that are safe. VIRUN has created this new space within our industry to help support the development of food and beverage applications containing novel compounds such as EPA DHA omega-3, lycopene and astaxanthin. The NUTRA-BIOsciences initiative brings added value to any particular food or beverage application. Whether it is incorporating shelf stable and clear EPA and DHA waters or creating stick-packs that deliver 50 mg Coenzyme Q10 in a single teaspoon, NUTRA-BIOsciences introduce a new approach with unwavering results.

Philip Bromley, CEO of VIRUN stated, "With such new technologies, we felt compelled to create a new space within our industry that is specific toward what it is VIRUN does; this new space will help accelerate new branded products and support current brands with shelf stable and clearer EPA DHA omega-3 compounds.”

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