Vitafoods Europe conference to feature world-leading experts

Vitafoods Europe conference to feature world-leading experts

Leading nutraceutical and dietary supplements event Vitafoods Europe gives the industry the opportunity to learn the secrets to success from a host of academics, experts and professionals, all keen to share their thoughts in the hugely-packed educational program.

Leading nutraceutical and dietary supplements event Vitafoods Europe takes place at Geneva Palexpo from 10-12 May 2011, giving the industry the opportunity to learn the secrets to success from a host of academics, experts and professionals, all keen to share their thoughts in the hugely-packed educational program.
Now in its fourteenth year, the Vitafoods Europe Conference has gained an international reputation within the nutraceuticals industry for delivering cutting-edge sessions that explore consumer trends as well as the latest discoveries and regulations.
Delegates attending this year’s Conference will be offered stimulating educational insights from heads of leading global universities, academies, research bodies and commercial organizations into the latest scientific findings. These include new sessions on a variety of topics such as allergy and intolerance, appetite control and beauty foods.
The Market for Functional Foods will kick off Day One on Tuesday 10 May, where Matthew Incles (Leatherhead Food Research, UK) will present the key trends, developments and challenges in the nutraceutical market in The functional foods market: key challenges and opportunities. Dr Thomas Henkel (InterMed Discovery GmbH, Germany) will then explore the latest consumer trends that drive innovation in new product development.
Dr Jeff Brunstrom (University of Bristol, UK) will go on to discuss Meal size and energy intake in humans: a psychobiological perspective, examining the latest developments in how cognition influences meal size and dietary control. Dr Suzanne Higgs (University of Birmingham, UK) will delve into what type of role food memories play on food choices, while Dr Harry Peters (Unilever, NL) will consider the high standards of science and reporting needed for satiety ingredients. Concluding the session, Dr Roberta Re (Leatherhead Food Research, UK) will present the Evaluation of the effects of novel ingredients on satiety, exploring the human intervention trials which assess the benefits of innovative ingredients in weight management.
A series of talks focusing on Gut Health and Immunity will round-off the program on Day One, with insights into the interactions between food and the human gut as well as the novel ingredients which can promote immunity to intolerances. Dr Juliet Ansell (Plant and Food Research, NZ) will discuss how Whole kiwifruit confer gut health and immune benefits both directly and indirectly through prebiotic effects, Hélène Alexiou (BENEO-Orafti, Belgium) will look at the importance of gut flora and Dr Harro Timmerman (NIZO, NL) will look at Probiotics and the gut host interaction. Finally, Prof Claudio Nicoletti (Institute of Food Research, UK) will explore the structure of the intestinal immune system in a talk entitled Intelligence activity and rapid response: the secret of a healthy gut.
Seminars on the second day, Wednesday 11 May, will examine a wide range of industry issues such as mental, heart and physical health as well as beauty foods, looking in particular at the growing nutricosmetics industry. The Physical Performance session will welcome speakers such as Prof Kevin Tipton (University of Stirling, UK) who will discuss the effects of protein for physical performance, and Dr Gareth Wallis (Glaxo SmithKline, UK) who will look at Science and sports drinks for physical performance, evaluating how recent scientific advances have led to the development of new nutritional approaches that enhance physical performance. Jeni Pearce (English Institute of Sport, UK) will then explore the considerations required when working in the elite sport environment in Practically applying performance nutrition across sports.
The session will continue with speakers keen to share their expertise on Mental Health, examining nutritional impacts on behavior, mood and ageing. Dr Rob Winwood (Martek Bioscience, UK) will kick-off proceedings with his talk Optimizing brain development in older children and young adults and protecting the brain in head contact sports and Prof Louise Dye (University of Leeds, UK) will look at the effects of diet on different areas of the body including cognitive function in Diet and Cognitive Function. Prof David Benton (University of Swansea, UK) will then consider how diet impacts the ageing process and the various studies reflecting this in Nutrition and aging – an impossible topic to study?
Heart health continues to be a widely-debated topic in the functional ingredients industry, and the Vitafoods Europe Conference will bring a range of speakers who will share their knowledge in this area. On the 11 May, Dr Sheila West (The Pennsylvania State University, USA) will review the latest clinical trials on the effects of spices, nuts and omega 3 fatty acids in Diet and vascular health: can foods and nutraceuticals alter cardiovascular response to stress? Dr Theodor Graser (DSM Nutritional Products Europe Ltd, Switzerland) will look at Maintaining heart health in light of EFSA opinions: bridging the gap from science to consumer, while Prof Julie Lovegrove; (University of Reading, UK) will explore the impact of body fat on metabolic risk. Ending the session, Dr Birgitta Sundberg (Good Food Practice, Sweden) will look at Cholesterol lowering properties of oats & barley.
Day Two will also play host to the Beauty Foods discussion, looking at the uses of novel ingredients such as collagen peptides and carotenoids within the global health market. In Going beneath the surface: opportunities for nutricosmetics, Ewa Hudson (Euromonitor International) will evaluate the impacts of regulatory changes in the nutricosmetics field and the latest emerging trends, whilst Véronique Fabien-Soulé (Rousselot, France) will explore the effects of Peptan™ bioactive peptides on the skin when taken orally. Offering insights into Carotenoids and skin ageing, Dr Maxim Darvin (Universitaetsmedizin, Germany) will look at how wrinkles can develop as a result of low levels of the antioxidant lycopene.
With an ever-growing demand for natural and organic ingredients in the functional foods and drinks industry, the Ingredients from Nature session is sure to prove extremely popular. Prof Martin Wickham (Leatherhead Food Research, UK) will highlight the health benefits of ingredients using novel investigative techniques, with a case study on almonds as a model ingredient. Finally, Jon Williams (Aquapharm, UK) will analyze marine ingredients in Natural preservatives from the sea.
The Food Allergy and Intolerance session will see experts such as Prof Clare Mills (Institute of Food Research, UK) give an insight into food allergy patterns across Europe, and Dr Lars Poulsen (University Copenhagen, Denmark) discuss how allergy risk evaluations take their basis from existing allergies, and the different research methods required to give a full analysis. As part of this session Rene Crevel (Unilever, UK) will discuss Managing allergen risks in functional foods, whilst Tony Hines (Leatherhead Food Research, UK) will explore Food allergy, a complex social dilemma!
The final day of the Vitafoods Europe Conference on Thursday 12 May will focus on Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation, looking at the latest regulatory and communications strategies in the nutraceuticals and raw ingredients industry. After a welcome and introduction from Dr Paul Berryman (Leatherhead Food Research, UK), discussions will commence with Dr Mary Gilsenan (Leatherhead Food Research, UK) taking visitors through the latest EU regulation on nutrition and health in Setting the scene: where are we now? Dr Thomas Pauquai (Nutraveris, France) will then look at health claim files from theory to practice while Andy Taylor (Advertising Standards Agency, UK) will explore the ever-controversial topic of Nutrition and health claims in advertising. Anne Wilkie (Dicentra, CA) will then conclude with a market overview of Canada and the United States.
The final stage of the Conference will give delegates the opportunity to see a panel of global industry experts give final conclusions live on stage. Moderated by Kate Trollope (EU Food Policy, UK), speakers include Dr Paul Berryman, Dr Mary Gilsenan, Dr Thomas Pauquai and Anne Wilkie. This must-attend debate will aim to equip delegates with the knowledge insights required to help them build their business for the year ahead.

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